Why Carbide Chamfer Mills are Worth it






The process of milling custom components often requires a number of different cutting tools in order to go from raw materials to the finished component. This will typically include a range of different end mills and drill bits. One of the last tools in most milling operations is the chamfer mill. If you need a high quality chamfer cutter for your shop, finding tools made from solid carbide is always worth it.

What is a Chamfer Cutter?

Chamfering is the process of cutting a portion off the edge of a workpiece in order to create a third intermediate plane. This helps to soften the edges of a workpiece, which can be extremely sharp after the precise milling process. Chamfer mills can also be used to bevel an edge by removing material to change the angle at which two edges meet.

Chamfer cutters are relatively simple tools. They have a short shank with a pointed tip. The point angle determines the angle of the chamfer that is produced. These tools can also be used to deburr a workpiece after the milling process is finished. Like chamfering, deburring will help remove sharp points and make the finished workpiece easier to handle.

Steel vs Carbide

When it comes to choosing a tool, it is important to consider the material used in its construction. Steel tools are relatively common, but they do have drawbacks. Steel tools are heat treated to keep their cutting edges nice and sharp. If they get too hot during the milling process, the steel can lose its temper and the cutting edges will soften. This means that operators have to watch the speeds and feeds they are operating at when using steel tools.

Carbide tools are composed of a composite material made up of powdered tungsten carbide and cobalt as a binding material. The resulting material is stronger and more rigid than steel, while also being far more heat resistant compared to metal tools. The rigidity makes carbide cutters far more accurate, while also being able to operate at much higher speeds than steel tools.

Finding Reliable Tools

When it comes to purchasing milling cutters, it is important to know that you are dealing with quality manufacturers. It's easy to find cheap cutting tools from overseas manufacturers, but it is hard to know if the tool will actually hold up under the strain of regular use. That is why it is so important to buy tools from quality domestic manufacturers.

Online Carbide is one great example of an American tool manufacturer specializing in solid carbide end mills and drill bits. Their inventory of tools includes standard end mills, thread mills, chamfer mills, variable mills, drill bits, and much more. All of their tools are ground to precise tolerances and constructed from high quality micro grain tungsten carbide. If you have any questions about their tools, you can reach a member of their team by sending an email to sales@onlinecarbide.com.

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