Where Can You Find Belden Fire Alarm Cable or Equivalents?






Belden is a long-standing manufacturer of networking, security and electrical cable products that, despite its official location in the United States, has a multinational presence. It is one of those companies that has achieved the desired status of brand-equivalency-to-products, whereby some network, security and fire alarm cables are simply referred to as Belden cables. Because of that, it’s fairly common to see searches for Belden fire alarm cables instead of simply for fire alarm cables.

As Belden has set the standard for reliability and operability in the industries for instrumentation and alarm cable, many other producers have capitalized on this level of quality by creating “Belden equivalents.” If you’re in a situation wherein you’re having a hard time finding Belden fire alarm cable but need to source high quality fire alarm or instrumentation cables, including those shielded against electromagnetic interference (EMI), visit EWCS Wire at EWCSWire.com.

EWCS Wire provides high-quality, American made electrical wire and cable suitable for a wide range of purposes. In addition to building wire, armored cable and specialty cables such as marine grade and welding cables, they also provide a range of instrumentation and alarm cables, including a very large range of Belden equivalents that are suitable for use in audio circuits, alarm circuits, and other control and instrumentation applications.

As might be expected from the fact that they are rated as Belden equivalents, many of these alarm, security and instrumentation cables carry the requisite specifications to render them practical for their given applications. For example, many of them come with CMG specification, which is the most common specification allotted to commercial grade communications cable.

In addition to these commercial grade cables, EWCS Wire also has a number of other security and instrumentation cables rated for riser and plenum use. If electromagnetic interference is a concern for your specific application, there are many examples of Belden equivalent cables that are shielded to protect against interference with sensitive data or with critical systems.

In addition to their wealth of security and alarm cables, EWCS Wire is the last provider for other electrical wires and cables that you’ll ever need. Whether you’re looking for something basic like red and black insulated battery cables or 600 volt rated building wire or something specific like DLO cables, armored cables or specialized tray cables, you’re in luck. EWCS Wire offers those as well, in plenty of variations.

Also, it’s not just a venue for products; it’s also a venue for helpful information. EWCS Wire is renowned for its commitment to customer service and satisfaction and they’re always ready and willing to help you out when you have questions. Not sure of the difference between two very (apparently) similar Belden equivalent cables? Not sure what the ratings mean for all the different communications and security cables? Just get in touch with EWCS Wire and they’ll help you get to the bottom of it. Give them a call at 800-262-1598 or email them at sales@ewcswire.com and ask away. They’ll be sure to help you get to the bottom of it.

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