What Wholesale Bakery Packaging Do You Need






Running a bakery is no easy task, especially when it comes to all of the behind the scenes efforts that people do not normally think about. There is much more that goes into keeping a bakery running than making cookies and cakes. A lot of attention has to be brought to acquiring all the materials you need including flour, sugar, eggs, and so much more. Every baked good that leaves the shop has to go into packaging of some kind. That means ordering wholesale bakery packaging long before the cupcakes get sold. You need to stay on top of having the amount you need of everything you need. Here is a look at the bakery packaging you will likely want for your business.

Cookies & Treats

For all of the smaller items you might want to sell like cookies, cream puffs, and eclairs, you will need packaging that can hold a small order of one or two items, a larger order of a few different things, or a large order fit for a family or small party. For the smallest orders like an eclair and a large cookie, you may want to use paper bags and of course your wax paper to hold onto each item. Medium-sized orders can work with paper bakery boxes. The larger orders could work with some combination of the bakery boxes and cookie trays or domed containers. Pies are very much in a league of their own requiring their own containers, of course, but for the most part, these items can be packaged together as an assortment as long as they are not too crowded.

Cakes & More Cakes

Cakes, like pies, require packaging that is more to themselves. If your business expects to largely sell cakes and cupcakes, you will want to order wholesale bakery packaging that is meant just for these items. You can’t exactly throw cupcakes into a paper bag, so you will want containers for a dozen or a half a dozen cupcakes. Another option is to use the boxes you already have and instead customize them with cupcake inserts as needed. A cake should of course get a showcase container of its own. But you should also get smaller plastic containers if you plan on selling individual slices of cake. Everything depends on what you plan on selling.

So there you have it, a quick glance at some of the wholesale bakery packaging you will likely need as a business owner. From biscotti, elephant's ears, and cannoli, to cupcakes, cookies, and brownies. You need to be prepared to wrap everything up nice and neatly to go into the hands of eager customers. After you have your menu picked out, you can go over each item and decide just how that product will make it to a customer and how it will go out when ordered with other items. Decide on the wholesale bakery packaging you need and place your order with a seller like Stover & Co, which sells all kinds of wholesale bakery products, including packaging.

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