What is a Metal Bender Used For?






For anyone setting themselves up with only the most versatile, useful tools they need to keep a kit fully functioning, a good metal bender has to come into the picture at some point. It is a really handy device for a wide range of projects in roofing, automotive work, construction, etc. As simple as its basic purpose is, you may be a bit unsure before purchasing one because of the different types you see available. Generally you will find there to be two types of metal benders that you will want to consider using. For those who know a fair amount about metal bending and are simply weighing their options, consider this a quick little rundown of what you should keep in mind when shopping. And if metal bending sounds more like a superpower to you than a construction tool, just keep reading. We’ll make things a bit more simple.

What is a metal bender?

A metal bender is a tool used to manipulate metal and bend it at an angle so that it is easier to work with for certain projects. Metal benders ideally should be precise, consistent throughout the material, and able to operate smoothly without damaging the material.

Portable Benders

A smaller, handheld metal bender is the less expensive option out of the two types and the most easy to manage since it is so easy to carry with you on-site as needed. This especially comes in handy when roofing. The main drawback is that it cannot work on certain types of metal, but for someone who works with softer materials or does not need to use it too often, that should not become an issue.

Sheet Metal Brake

A sheet metal brake is a larger device used to bend metal of a wide range of gauges at higher tensile strength. This is the stronger, more heavy duty option for bending metal and is very useful when it is something that you need to do quite regularly. It also comes at a higher price point than the smaller counterpart, making it more of an investment. It is larger and more stationary, making it more difficult to move around with you. With this device, you are truly committing to metal bending frequently and want a tool to make it much easier the whole way through.

Just as promised, that was a pretty simple and clean breakdown of the two types of metal benders you may want to add to your life. You can get the smaller, more portable tool, or the larger, more heavy duty brake to get the job done. If you are still on the fence about which metal bender is best for your purposes, or you have a good idea of which one you want to go with, you should visit John Stortz & Son online. They not only have metal benders available to purchase, but also additional information on the uses of metal benders. Take your time looking over some of their resources to learn more about this type of equipment.

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