We Can Use Visualization as a Practice Tool






We grow up being told by our elders that we need great will power to break the chains of harmful habits. But will power has an enemy that defeats it in every battle fought- visualisation. You might repeatedly tell yourself not one drop of wine will touch my lips tonight. Then you wake up the following morning with a hangover. You had it under control, didn’t you? Regardless of how earnestly you try to tame sensory cravings, say, alcohol, inner images of indulging in the habit will crush willpower to dust. Well-meaning affirmations: ‘I will not drink tonight’ are forceful, but they evaporate in the presence of mind pictures. Learning to visualise consciously will help you to conquer most of life’s challenges. Conscious visualisation is not all about sitting quietly with closed eyes whilst conjuring up images of strolling beside the sea on a tropical island or in a similar romantic setting. We unconsciously use imagery with every passing second of the day, even during sleepful hours. If we didn’t imagine /think/ see ourselves getting out of bed in the morning, the bed would become our coffin. We are unaccustomed to consciously visualising, but it could benefit us tremendously if we could cultivate this facility.    

Try this:

Sit quietly with closed eyes. Choose a stumbling block that causes you misery. One I eradicated my fear of opening letters containing final bill demands. I inwardly saw myself happily opening statements and dealing with them. If you would like to perform self-healing, visualise blue energy and send the healing power to the offending site. If you faithfully believe in your goals, then you can achieve them. 

‘You must exercise your divine gift of creativity in some way. It is never too late. Do you know what old age is? It is when your mind becomes “hard-boiled” – accepting in the limitations imposed by body-consciousness and closing its doors to creative thinking.’

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