Violent and ignorant behaviour towards aninals






Animal cruelty is everywhere in this country. We have not spared any animal in which we did no harm. We made sure we torture all the animals. How low can we get? No government has done anything as they themselves are a part of ignorance.

People need to correct their violent and ignorant behavior towards the animals on priority. Dog bite cases could become a rare thing if only the behavior of people changes toward the dogs. Beacause of the way they are mistreated it changes their behaviour and due to that the person becomes the victim who was trying to harm the dog or someone else becomes the victim because of continuous torture that changes their friendly behavior. Pets are abandoned on a regular basis. Coronavirus era is no exception the virus enforced financial upturn and it became a convenient excuse for people who want to abandon their dogs. Couple of cases were where people people have tested positive for the virus but did not bother to take care of dogs. In India even if anyone tries to give justice to the soul at the end there are outdated weak laws. People are easily release on bail or by paying fines. It is a sad fact that almost every religion in the world has the practice of sacrificing and killing animals. These are the people who haven’t read their holy books, know nothing about spirituality but show themselves as a great devotee of God. A festival called gadhimai celebrated in nepal in every 5 years. Known as ‘bloodiest’ festival of world. According to a legend, centuries ago god gadhimai appeared to a prisoner in a dream and told him to offer blood. When he awoke his shackles had fallen open and he was able to leave the prision and build the temple, where he sacrificed animals to give thanks. This is the story told by people who celebrate it. Now we can clearly see here that such rituals are not written anywhere in the holy books but still they are made into traditions because someone just had a dream about it. Height of illiteracy. Elephants in thailand are often beated with sharp metal bull hooks they are tightly shackled until they learn to obey order out of fear. Bengal hunting animal festival, a festival just to kill animals. The hunting festival happens only for fun leads to killing of thousands of animals every year. Animals on factory farms are violated sexually, it’s called “artificial insemination”. Female cows, pigs and turkeys are routinely raped- their bodies are violated through artificial insemination. Female cats and dogs are abused sexually by humans. To impregnate a cow, a person jams his or her arm far into cow's rectum in order to locate and position the uterus and then force an instrument into her vagina. The cow is defenseless to stop the violation. Turkeys are breed, drugged, and genetically manipulated to grow as large as possible as quickly as possible to increase profit. Things related to this are worst in india. When are we going to act on this? Will govt understand that this also needs strict laws and immediate punishments?

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