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People in the world have more or less developed a faith in the vaccine, but more concern is being expressed these days about Oxford-AstraZeneca, a vaccine. Due to this vaccine, there are increasing complaints of clotting in the blood of many people. This is an unusual condition, which may increase the risk of all vaccines.

Scientists are trying to make this important and most famous vaccine safe by finding solutions as soon as possible. After weeks of investigation, the European Medicine Agency (EMA) announced on 7 April that there was a possibility of an association between the clot and the vaccine. It is being described as a very rare side effect. Perhaps there is an element in the vaccine that is obstructing the blood or missing a deficiency in the production process.

If a side effect of this famous vaccine occurs in the brain or lungs, then a big problem arises. Whether this side effect is happening only in those people who take special blood thinning medicine or there is some other reason, many scientists and hospitals are engaged in this discovery on a war footing.

AstraZeneca has been asked for more caution and study. It is worth noting that women are having more problems with this vaccine.

The reason for this is not yet known. Are people under 60 having trouble?

Are side effects happening in only a few countries of the world?

In Europe alone, 22 hospitals are investigating this shortage of vaccines.

But surprisingly, the use of covid shield in Oxford-AstraZeneca's formula formulation is very successful in India so far and has not caused any side effects. Complaints are coming from European countries and the US, but the covid shield vaccine the serum company is making in India has generally been supplied to developing countries and has not been reported yet.

The Government of India has said after much deliberation that the use of covid shield will continue in India's vaccination campaign. Companies in the west that manufacture covid shield should take experience from the Serum Company of India.

While questions are being raised about the side effects of the vaccine, on the other hand, there is also the question of whether there is a shortage of vaccine in the world.

As vaccination has intensified, production has started to decline. Five billion different vaccines were produced annually in the world, but total production has doubled since Covid vaccines. As of now, the world will be able to produce 9.5 billion covid vaccine doses in the year 2021, while the requirement is around 12 billion doses.

In India, when the vaccination campaign is getting faster, more than 40 lakh vaccines will be needed per day, but broadly the production is not more than 25 lakhs per day. Do not panic with immediate reduction. Now the time has come, other companies in the country should be allowed to make vaccines, so that there is no shortage of vaccines in the country and the world.

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