Trying Out Romeo Y Julieta Cigars






For the average cigar smoker, this name has likely come up more than once. For any newcomer to cigars, this is a name that you will be hearing more than once, so get familiar with this iconic label in the world of cigars. Which brand is that you might be wondering. That brand is none other than Romeo Y Julieta Cigars. Since 1875, this historic brand has been producing some of the best and smoothest tasting cigars on the market. Whether you have only sampled one or two of these cigars, or you have never tried anything Romeo Y Julieta has to offer, you should take a closer look at the brand to see what sounds right for you. Here are just a few to consider:

Petites & Tins

Get your hands on a tin of Romeo Y Julieta cigars and enjoy the new experience in a small, compact container. When trying out a new brand, this is a great option. Buying a small tin of cigars or cigarillos, rather than one cigar allows you to try new flavors for long enough to figure out how you feel about them since we all know our feelings can change over time. Sometimes it takes more than one puff or one cigar to feel sure about our opinions on something. Try out the Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Mini Blue tins in a mild taste or the Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real petites for a little more strength in flavor. Spend less and try out these smaller cigars to figure out exactly which cigar line from the brand is right for you.

Full Packs

Not for the indecisive among us, purchasing full-sized packs of cigars is for the people who are sure of what they want. If you have gotten excellent recommendations from those you trust, or are skillful at deciphering online descriptions, then you can go right ahead and buy the box of cigars and enjoy them for as long as they will surely last you. This is also a great option for after trying out the idea above of buying tins and petites. Once you are sure of what you want, get the full size. Some popular cigars are the Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real Churchill and the very popular Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Magnum.

Romeo Y Julieta cigars are truly a staple in the world of cigars and for good reason too. They provide good taste, a smooth and creamy finish, and fair prices for all of their products. This brand has proven time and time again why Romeo Y Julieta has been a mainstay since 1875. Thankfully its story went a lot more happily than its namesake. If any of these options of Romeo Y Julieta cigars sounds appealing to you, you can always find them readily available at Atlantic Cigar Company. Keep in mind that this list is comprised of just a few of the brand’s selections to get your ears perked up. They have many more options available, so you can easily find a few to fit any mood or occasion.

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