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Starting a business in Singapore is very advantageous for many reasons. First of all, registering a company in Singapore is not difficult. The requirements are not hard to obtain and the registration process is relatively easy. Moreover, many benefits are offered to those who wish to start a business in Singapore. They have tax exemptions, government loan assistance, and many other benefits. As long as they fulfill the statutory requirements, they can enjoy the benefits of having a business in a country with a stable economy. To comply with these requirements, many companies acquire secretarial services Singapore assistance.

Company secretarial services Singapore agencies help businesses in Singapore meet all their statutory requirements. This is so businesses can continue operations thus they continuously reap the benefits of being registered in Singapore. If you are planning to hire a secretarial services Singapore company, check out our top three list.  

#1 - SBS Consulting

If you are looking for a company secretarial services Singapore firm that provides a wide scope of work, SBS Consulting it is. Aside from secretarial services Singapore supports, they provide accounting services, XBRL filing, and GST Filing. Their other services also include corporate tax computations, bookkeeping, payroll management, and company incorporation. 

SBS Consulting is known to have worked with different types of businesses in various industries. Many of their clients have applauded them for their top-notch, reliable, and cost-competitive services. That is why many businesses, including soon-to-launch companies, wish to work with SBS Consulting. As a result, this secretarial services Singapore business has a great reputation. 

In addition, this company secretarial services Singapore enterprise have highly-qualified secretaries that can do many tasks. One of them is managing shares. This is very important since a corporate secretary should assist the shareholders of the company. In addition, they are tasked with arranging general meetings, keeping track of board meetings, and handling other corporate activities. Moreover, you can get a corporate secretary like this at a competitive service fee. Thus, if you want a company secretarial services as such, hire SBS Consulting.

#2 - Rikvin

A good example of a trusted secretarial services Singapore company is Rikvin. They were established in 1998 and are well-known for their offshore services. They are also an accredited employment agency at the Ministry of Manpower. This accreditation allows them to help businesses employ foreign workers with ease. Thus, if you want an accredited company to help you with your business, work with Rikvin.

Rikvin offers one of the best business support in Singapore which clearly manifested in their company secretarial services Singapore assistance. Aside from corporate secretaries, they even provide accounting personnel. This is why they also provide tax and accounting services. They only employ the most qualified people to be a part of their team. They have competent corporate specialists and auditors aside from their accountants. These staff members are regularly trained so they are always up to date with the Singapore business laws and regulations as well as taxes.

Many industries have shown great appreciation for this secretarial services Singapore agency. In fact, Rikvin has worked with some of the most prestigious companies in Singapore. They are Orissa International, Found8, ACE, and PUB. They also work with small-medium enterprises in Singapore. Thus, if you are looking for a trusted and well-experienced company secretarial services Singapore firm, inquire with Rivkin.

#3 - Sleek

It is important for business owners to know how to budget their business funds. That is why many look for the cheapest possible services to aid them with their business needs. However, a wise entrepreneur will not select the most economical options. Rather, he or she will choose the service that will bring the best value to their money. Thus, if you are looking for secretarial services Singapore companies that have affordable rates, check out Sleek.

Sleek offers corporate secretarial services as well as accounting services and visa assistance. They are the most highly-recommended for start-up companies that are not familiar or established in their particular industry. In addition, most of their company secretarial services Singapore support are done digitally and virtually. Thus, aside from the low price, you can expect top quality services. They don’t have complex fees or hidden charges. That is why whatever price they ask, expect that is the only amount you need to pay for them. 

Also check out WLP Group

Corporate secretaries are required in every business in Singapore. Thus, if you are aiming to establish a company in Singapore, you cannot escape from this requirement. Hiring a secretarial services Singapore agency has been proven to be more cost-efficient and effective compared to hiring an in-house secretary. Thus, if you need more company secretarial services Singapore suggestions, contact WLP Group today!

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