Three easiest ways of Managing Time






We all know how important it is to manage time effectively in our careers. To use it productively by selecting and working in the right environment is so much more important. Minimizing distractions by using some simple techniques and most importantly, you’re making sure to follow a daily schedule that allows you to make the most out of a day.

Method-1-Using up your time Efficiently

·       Creating a Perfect environment for work-

The environment where you can work at your best with your overall productivity. No rules for any selection of work environment, pick whichever you love. These things will definitely help you to get the best out of you.

For example, Maybe you yourself as a cricketer, are a true fan of Virat Kohli may invest in buying his photographs of his best cricketing shots which will inspire you and help you to improve yourself.

·       List your tasks in a sheet of paper-

Before you begin your work day list up all your important tasks which needs to be done before hand so it will be easy for you to decide where and how to invest your time in one particular thing.

·       Keep some work with you always-

Keep an advantage of time, if your work place is at some distant from your house. Do some work in local trains or bus if possible which will help you to exert some pressure out of you. Also if you’re in a grocery store line you can mail your work through mobile phones which will help you save some time.

Method-2- Minimizing Distractions

·       Shut your phone off-

If possible shut your phone off if not in use while working. It will not allow you to spend your time on using it again and again because it is very easy while checking out a mail to sneak and peek on WhatsApp chat box, which we are all likely to do.

·       Close Browsers which are not in use-

Today, in every field Internet is mandatory and people rely on their computers to work on internet. Working with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter will only cause a distraction for you and in the end will adversely affect your time management skills. Always be focused on the sites which you’re working on.

·       Avoid Disturbance in the middle-

Disturbance interrupts your workflow. It allows your focus to deviate to somewhere else and results in waste of time. And it can be really very hard to get back to the same zone if you’re stopped by someone right in the middle of your work.

For example, If you’re filling a TDS return and suddenly someone comes in and tells you to help him/her then it is almost certain you’re going to get disturbed.

Method-3- Following regularly a daily schedule

·       Use Digital Alarms effectively-

We all know, Technology is a great way to manage things, and today everyone is aware of how to use it effectively. It will help us to keep a track of deadline, appointments, meetings, conferences, and much more.

For example, You may set a reminder 15 days in advance to remind yourself an appointment with your client.

·       Identify the time when you’re at your Best-

Everyone has their best time to work. I would say they should work full-fledged at that period of time, it will help them to give out your best.

For example, If you find yourself energetic at the morning time, try and complete most of your work in that period itself.

·       Spend the first few minutes of the day in planning your day-

If you plan your day in the morning itself it will help you to

Complete your obligations and help you to recall it in your mind itself.

·       Schedule Breaks-

It is obvious that no one can work simultaneously, everyone needs a break. It is okay to invite disruptions once or twice in your whole day. It can help you to schedule these kinds of deviations from necessary tasks.

Thus, these few methods will help you manage your time effectively and help you improve yourself as a person.





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