This time the heat will persecute






The Indian Meteorological Department's assessment of excess heat this year may not surprise, but it is certainly worrisome. Last year too, there was a record of heavy heat, rather, 2020 was declared the eighth warmest year in the Indian record. Experts have been warning us for a long time that in this subcontinent, the spring is becoming a lotus and we have started arriving in winter directly from winter.

Obviously, all of this is having an impact on the life cycle. It is reported that migratory birds from eastern Odisha had already returned from Yakta due to rising temperatures last month.

According to experts, the productivity of crops can also be affected in the long run.

According to the rationale given by the Indian Meteorological Department this time, the weather pattern of North India is determined by western disturbances. Normally these disturbances come six times in the month of February, but this time a similar situation could be created.

We no longer depend on such information to realize this change in the weather, because the unseasonal rains, changes in the rainfall pattern, glaciers rupture in winter and the catastrophic scenes are increasing from year to year.

Yes! Meteorological Department assessments are important for future preparations.

The administrative system should be activated in this direction without losing time. It is quite natural that in the event of severe heat, not only the demand for the existing supply will increase, but also due to the lack of water, it may have to be two to four.

These changes of weather are not limited to India only, but nature does not have any ill-treatment with anyone. The whole world is also aware of the main role of global warming behind it, but the world community has failed to show the foresight which is needed to stop the carbon emission in the atmosphere.

Especially the developed countries are expected to shy away from the wisdom they are expected to have due to their economic interests. The biggest example of this was presented by the Trump administration in the United States, when it made an unreasonable decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. That too when America is one of the five most carbon emitting countries.

It is a matter of satisfaction that President Biden has understood global environmental concerns. Naturally, sun, wind and water are handed over naturally to every person on the earth without any discrimination, but the civil arrangements have made a huge difference between them on the availability of them. Ironically, the underprivileged section is the most responsible for carbon emissions, but the marginalized people suffer the most due to misuse.

People of this section become more victims of the heat of the sun and heat stroke. In the light of the latest information from the Meteorological Department, the time has come to activate the already existing programs for drought-prone areas, homeless population, cattle and animals.

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