Things to Consider when Replacing Siding on Your House






When it comes to buying fresh siding for your house, you should pay attention to both aesthetics and functionality. This is not a simple paint job or decoration process - new siding is something that will last for many years. However, you should make the right decision when choosing the material and color. Thanks to your right choice, you will feel proud of your new siding and make everybody admire it. Thus, below we have provided some useful information of what to take into account when it comes to buying new siding for your house.

When to Change Your Current Siding

You may wonder whether you should replace your current siding or not. If you feel hesitant, then check out the following points.

·       You should inspect any siding in order to find out whether there are warped areas. By using a screwdriver, insert it beneath the warped siding and see whether the layer is firm. If you find it is rotted, then it’s the right time to replace your siding.

·       If you see peeling paint, it means there is moisture. Wallpaper and moisture will go deep into your wallboard. The whole interior of your house will get damaged because of moisture. Never underestimate the role new siding.

·       Mold and mildew are also popular signs that there is moisture created by your siding. It will damage your home’s walls sooner than you would expect. However, if there is mold and mildew, then investigate further because they can signify other issues as well. 

·       Very often the naked eye cannot see the problems with wood siding. That is why we suggest you tapping different parts of the siding. Use the bottom of your hammer or screwdriver in order to see dry rot. So once it is discovered, you can easily get rid of all those damaged parts. However, the most reliable solution offered by the professional contractors is to replace the damaged sections fully. Note that the structural integrity of your house can be damaged by dry rot, so getting help from the experts is the smartest decision. 

Choosing the Right Color of Siding

When choosing the right siding, consider the following points:

·       What colors are popular in your neighborhood? Though red or green color can be great in case of a magazine, it won’t be suitable for your neighborhood’s palette. Also take into account that your neighborhood’s association can have some rules regarding color choices.

·       Do not ignore the colors of your window and door frames. First, imagine how your new siding will look like with those frames. See if they complement each other. Also, if you have decided to change the exterior of your house in the future, don’t forget to consider how this new color palette will fit your siding.

·       Dark shades absorb much heat. So if you live in a city with a hot climate, we advise you to choose lighter shades so they won’t absorb so much heat. If you want to keep your house cool during summer then choose lighter colors in order to save much money and energy.

·       At last, check how the material you have chosen is related to its color. For example, wood siding needs to be repainted again in the near future. This means that you will have a chance to change its color over time. However, it can be even harder enough to paint vinyl siding. It can be handled with a special paint but if you paint over that factory finish you will no longer enjoy the benefit of maintenance-free vinyl siding.

Siding Materials

Choosing the right material is important while choosing siding for your house. The market is full of many options but the best choice doesn’t just depend on the benefits you will receive from that exact siding but also on how much time and efforts you are ready to devote in order to maintain it perfectly.  We have brought some important factors that are essential to take into account when it comes to selecting your siding.

·       What types of sidings are popular in your neighborhood? If you see that all the houses of the same block come with the same type of siding then you should also choose that exact one. Otherwise, a different type of siding will decrease the value of your home and look unprofessional.

·       We advise you to discuss your project with a professional contractor in order to understand what kind of siding fits your climate. The contractor will not only take into consideration not just humidity and heat but also the availability of termites. Moreover, if you are looking for an energy efficient solution, then you may also consider insulated siding.

·       Are you ready to devote time to the upkeep? Note that wood siding requires much maintenance, while vinyl siding doesn’t. Another option that falls in the middle is cement siding. However, it also needs some painting through time. Note that cement siding also stands out due to its water damage and insect resistance.         

·       While siding your house, you should also take into account financial concerns. So always consider how your updated siding can affect the value of your house. Though it may seem to be a great expense, but investing top-notch quality materials will be a great investment for your property.

Siding is important

People always notice siding and then the interior of your home. So, you should look for reliable siding contractors in order to be proud of the results. Anytime you need Wood Siding Replacement Plymouth or Cape Cod, simply contact ASA Construction Group. Whether your project is big or small, their specialists offer the highest quality Siding Replacement Cape Cod for your needs.  This team offers many types of color ranges and ensures to create a warm effect at the end of the project. So whether you are looking for Wood Siding Replacement Plymouth or other Siding Replacement Cape Cod, their specialists are ready to provide excellent solutions. Contact them now and be sure to enjoy siding durability and exceptional beauty once your project is done.  

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