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So first let me explain what push and pull strategy is.

Push and pull here are technical marketing or digital marketing terms wherein you either push the product toward the customer or pull the customer towards your product i.e. you push the product towards the customer which is your push strategy and you pull the that consumers will actively seek out a brand for its products or services because they are already aware of its reputation.

Overall, the term “Push marketing” envelops the idea that marketers are attempting to push their products at consumers, flaunting their products to consumers. This form of marketing can therefore be associated with younger brands trying to build brand image and market share and can be employed particularly effectively in marketing fast-moving consumer goods, inducing higher rates of short term sales whereas “Pull marketing” relies on much the opposite, in that consumers will actively seek out a brand for its products or services because they are already aware of its reputation. In terms of marketing, through intensive advertising, the aim is to establish a brand that becomes inherently linked with customer satisfaction, as products provide value for the end-user.


I hope that now your idea about push and pull marketing is clear enough.


Let’s come to Amul’s push and pull strategy

So most organizations tend to use both push and pull to create demand from retailers and consumers.

Talking about Amul. We know that today Amul is a well-established brand in the market known for its high-quality products sold at reasonable prices. Consumers have blind faith in Amul. They know this brand will not cheat them in any way and this kind of faith comes over some time. Amul is perceived as a local brand in various regions of India: it is perceived as a brand of ‘my region’ or ‘my city’.

Considering distribution and supply chain channels and finally the point of purchase branding and advertising of the Amul girl, Amul finds itself in a very strong position where its brand equity and marketing are concerned.

Considering the market status of Amul, many customers are attracted to Amul without Amul requiring to push the product towards the customer. Amul uses mainly push but even pull strategy such as:

  • TV advertising
  • Pricing
  • Attractive packaging to encourages purchases
  • Promotions
  • Display advertising

These are some of the push strategies used by Amul.

Some of the pull strategies used by Amul are:-

  • Media Coverage
  • Social Media Networks
  • Word of mouth, etc.

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