The Western Glory in India






India has a very heartbreaking story of being colonised by the hands of western countries, or should I be specific and say, white people. if I tried to make it short, white people came to India and told our ancestors that we are gross, and tried to steal our resources. After years of struggle, we finally were free from them in 1947. But, are we still free from them?

It's quite understandable the certain influence of western countries on India. For example, the relevance of english and many developments that took place through Western countries. But I have often noticed that the behaviour of a lot of Indians towards western countries and their media, fashion or trends is very accepting. For instance, if a song is viral in western countries, it's inevitable that it will go atleast Top 5 or Top 10 in India as well. Obviously there are songs which are loved here too but it's almost as if when something is popular and loved in western countries, it's accepted here too; almost like it's "approved". 

I am sure you have seen a lot of K-Pop fans here and there in real life but was K-Pop this famous in India until it became huge in America too? Another example of this is how a lot of people watched "Parasite", a Korean movie which even made history as it won an Oscar, but there have been a lot of other remarkable movies and dramas in Asian market as well but they are often looked down on. 

A more common version of this is how a lot of Indians make fun of their own friends or family when they are unable to pronounce an english word right or have a grammatical mistake in their sentences; which is just weird because why make fun of someone just because they don't know something. It comes out of the mentality that if you don't know English, you are stupid; and english is just held on a standard which is just weird to me because it's not OUR first language as Indians so why are we being judged for our capabilities based on how well can we speak a FOREIGN language. English is a global language, thanks to colonisation done around the globe by Western countries, the oppressors had no choice but to learn their ways. It's just very odd to me how a person's fluency in english supposedly determines someone's worth in work sector of India. 

This mentality of "if westeners have/love it, it must be good" needs to be dismantled. It basically implies that westeners have more critical eyes for talent than us Indians, which is not true and I'm sure a lot of you agree. Just because something isn't loved or acknowledged in western countries doesn't necessarily mean it must be bad or not good enough to pay attention to! 

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