The Uniqueness of Milo Baughman Furniture






For anyone looking to spruce up their home in a way that seems more sophisticated than a new coat of paint on the walls should consider upgrading their furniture. Sometimes, it’s easy to hold on to old furniture in your home. Some pieces may have been with you for a long time, maybe even since your first apartment, but after a while, it’s good to upgrade your furniture.

Sure, you can just go down to your local Target or Ikea to buy some supplemental furniture that isn’t great quality and won’t last too long. By refurbishing your home, you can completely switch up the vibe of the inside of your house without a total remodel.

This can be an exceptionally fun experience if you are into interior design or just like decorating your home. Depending on the room you want to refurbish, you can decide what type of furniture, color, and specific designs you want to incorporate into this project.

When deciding what type of furniture to buy, it’s best to consider two major components. Quality and designer. Good furniture is not cheap, therefore you’re probably going to have to pay a pretty penny to refurbish a certain room in your home. Investing in high-quality furniture that is built to last is the key to buying new furniture.

Now it’s all about the designer. Like mentioned, you don’t want to buy some random furniture from your local retailer that is mass-produced and low quality. You want to choose a designer that reigns true to your ultimate style and taste, while also producing great quality furniture, as well.

If you enjoy modern furniture designers with a nontraditional approach, you may be interested in searching for Milo Baughman furniture. This designer follows what is now considered a California Modernist aesthetic. Although this designer has not been with us for quite some time, his designs are still being manufactured by Thayer Coggin.

Milo Baughman’s design philosophy was that a good design is an enduring design. Meaning, that a good design will endure the test of time. Styles and trends are everchanging, but a good piece of furniture will endure that test and remain stylish and modern.

So, if you’re interested in finding some amazing pieces from this designer, check out the inventory from Ohio Hardwood. At this online furniture store, they have a great selection of designers like Baughman and many other great designer brands to choose from.

At Ohio Hardwood, they specialize in customizable handcrafted wood furniture. If you are looking to redecorate your home and do it fast, they have a great selection of ready-to-ship pieces that can arrive at your door in no time.

By investing in high-quality furniture like the pieces from Baughman, your will be able to breathe a breath of fresh air when stepping into your new living space. Now, you can once again enjoy the look of your home.

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