The Significance of the Moon






The moon, brightly lit in her full roundness, offers a shroud of mystery that has fascinated Man since His earliest origins. A planet that is dead and barren, with a history steeped in lifeless ignorance, has so much sway on the activity of her nearest neighbour, planet Earth. For her, lunar pulls and pushes drive our sea tides to shores and out to wavy oceans. Her forces regulate our biorhythms, and at times, dictates our mood. Some believe that even the wellness of our mind and body is down to lunar behaviour. There are those in certain sects, such as Tantric traditionalists, whose lives abide by cyclic moon activity. Tantric followers profess that those in keeping with Luna functioning live life to how Mother Nature intended, and from such nightly moon worship rituals gain supernatural powers. And how wondrous a thought it is to ponder, how, the caveman, Julia Caesar, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Winston Churchill, and all the world’s children over the millennia, looked out of their bedroom windows at night.  They laid their eyes upon Her white surface just as you and I. Is there something to be gained from moon worship, or are we simply chasing mythological shadows in the night?  Healers insist that our closest planet provides healing energies and that we can store them. I have met women with serious diseases wracking their frail bodies swear by the act of leaving moonstones out in the night under silvery moonbeams. The belief is that the moonlight energises the stones, then to whomsoever should wear them; the energy pours forth to bring comfort and healing. We sleep during the moonlight hours and are sent into the blankness by Her periodic powers. Then who knows whether the maiden of the night does not stir our dreams with her magic formulas and illuminates our nightmares.

I would say that something so substantial as to pull and push our sea tides and drive the howling winds around sandy bays is a force with which to reckon. Surely if we could lock into Her timing, we would be in keeping with nature’s call.

Try this:

Sit with closed eyes in your hideaway and wait for peace and calmness to come over you.  Imagine yourself sat at a log fire bedside snow-topped mountain in the dazzling moonlight. In the warmth of the fire, you bathe in the healing energies as the total lunar creeps over the mountain’s crest. The silver stars are out to play, but they bow in the present of the great white light. In the dark shadows of the tall firs that stand about your cabin, you may astral project to where the stars and moon radiate to fill our Universe with sparkling jewels. Travel the solar systems in spirit form, knowing the Silver Cord keeps you attached to the physical body. When you have finished with your travels, return to the physical body. In your own time, return to your hideaway and open your eyes.

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