The Real Story of Nobita and Doraemon






There are millions of fans of Doraemon, a lot of people who grew up watching the series and falling in love with the characters and the heartwarming stories of his true friendship with Nobita. Indeed, it is incredible and I am sure you might have been curious of this series was created. A social media post that once spread like wildfire talked about the origin of Doraemon’s series.

Apparently, a 9 year old boy from Japan, Nobita Hiroshi was suffering from schizophrenia. If you aren’t aware, schizophrenia is a severe and chronic mental disorder which creates distortion in one’s perception of emotions, sense of self and the world around them. Schizophrenia also creates false beliefs in one’s head and hearing, seeing or feeling things that might not exist. Due to his condition, he also struggled in his life. He used to get bullied in school from his classmates and never really had any friend. His parents also used to think that Nobita is just lazy and mischievous due to which he emotionally closed himself off from the world and started to imagine about this robotic cat called Doraemon who came from the future to help Nobita. For years, Nobita shared his bad experiences in school and at home with his imaginary friend. As time passed by, his parents started to notice that Nobita used to look at empty space and talk. Getting concerned, they took their son to a psychiatrist and Nobita told them about Doraemon. But Doraemon was imaginary and Nobita’s perfect little world was shattered when the doctors told him that Doraemon does not exist. Being in denial, Nobita committed suicide at the age of 14, as he did not want to live in a world without Doraemon.

So sad right? Guess what, it’s not true! This is just one of the many instances where internet spread a fake story to get some engagement on social media. I don’t want to make you angry so I might as well just tell you Doraemon was created. Doraemon was originally a manga series illustrated by Hiroshi Fujimoto as a consequence of three events; when searching for ideas for a new manga, he wished a machine existed that would come up with ideas for him, he tripped over his daughter's toy, and heard cats fighting in his neighborhood.  

My intention behind this article was how easily everyone on internet is fooled if you attach some emotions to it. Think about how many times you have been fooled through history, and even now through perfectly constructed lies. I wish everyone looked at the world with a critical lens and analysed every information they see around them instead of just perceiving it as it is. Always, make your own opinions and arguments, educate yourself whenever necessary, be ready for criticism and have an open mind about the possibilities.




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