The Normalisation Of Fatphobia In Society






Ask any person around you if they'll like to change anything about their body, they are most likely to say yes. A skinny woman wants bigger boobs and a thick woman wishes her waist was skinnier. Nothing is enough. But who's at fault here? No person is born with an image about themselves in their head, it's the society that paints an ideal appearance of a person, and the people have no choice but to adjust accordingly. Starting from the early years of every person, a child is cute and the most loved one but it's like the moment a child enters their teen years, they are supposed to be skinny. The humiliation fat people go through just happens so often that's the part of normal now. 

Photograph: Yes! Magazine

First, the clothing made for plus size people is just bigger size of what skinny people wear. If you are not skinny, you don't get to decide the designs you will wear, but you're just given a choice between three outfits meanwhile your skinny sibling will just pick anything from the shelf of a range of clothing type and designs. After going in and out of seven different shops, there's a huge chance you won't find something that truly catches your eye, but the the one thing you will be told or reminded is to lose some weight. How do I tell the world, "those clothes are made for me, so why do I have to change myself in these fabrics of a certain size?"

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Another thing that just can't be ignored is how the word "fat" feels so demeaning all the time, almost as if it's mean to belittle you; but it's just a word, like tall and short. How often do you see a tall person and go to their face to say "you're a little tall" and look up and down their body, you don't right? But fat people will be reminded of their loose skin everyday, almost making them feel worthless. Things just go so far that a person often develops eating disorders and lowered self-esteem, which also makes them socially apt and they just feel like avoiding people because their very existence is often made to be demeaning, we if their own body is something to be ashamed of. It is so unprovoked too most of the times because you could just be sitting in the metro eating your snack and people would give you eyes. If your day is bad enough, you will also come across an aunty who will ask you if you have made enough efforts to lose weight and then give you 5 effective tips to lead a productive life; as if your body type is determinant of how productive or lazy you are. 

Nothing is funny about the "jokes" of "lmao they will sit on you"; it's very dehumanising actually. Ripping someone's confidence by just a sentence. A person's worth shouldn't be determined by their physical appearance but rather by their presence of mind and sense of judgement. 

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