The Need For Diversification In Superhero Movies






The past decade, the relevance of superhero movies have increased exponentially. Its biggest proof is 2019’s Avengers End Game which was an instant hit and even became the highest grossing movie of ALL TIME! Not just this, the ratings of TV series, Netflix originals and movies have gained quite a lot of appraisal. A lot of people think that it’s a good form of entertainment however, it can be more than that.


The classic definition of a superhero is a heroic character possessing some kind of supernatural or superhuman powers who dedicate their life to fighting evil to save the universe. The personality traits needed to be a “hero” are some qualities that we humans can also use in our life. Take Marvel’s 2019 movie Captain Marvel for instance, the climax scene of the movie when Captain Marvel breaks free from the control of the Kree, it does speak a lot to us. We all have or in past, had some people who tried to control and manipulate us for their gain; and seeing someone on screen going through the same thing generates a level of familiarity and relatability, which in turn can give us strength to break free from the people who manipulate us too.


Even for children, superheroes can create a great foundation as children can identify with them, reflect on their traits and try to be like their favorite superhero as they trace their steps. This further helps them explore their identity and skills, which they probably wouldn’t have thought of doing. Superheroes also spread good intention messages of bravery, courage, perseverance, self-control and will-power. Not just this, but children also learn a great deal of teamwork so they can work and collaborate with peers as they will see a group of superheroes, Avengers for instance, and learn how to be a better leader or a good contributing member to the team.

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Throughout decades, the most popular superheroes we have seen are Captain America, Batman, Superman etc. However, these superheroes are white; children belonging to other races might not relate to it as much. One of the biggest successful moments of superhero genre in my opinion, was 2018’s Black Panther. Just reading and watching the reactions of young black children brings tears to my eyes. The history is filled with white male dominance, and seeing someone exactly like you in appearance or gender, creates a bigger sense of comfort that anything is possible; and I can do it too.


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Take another example of 2019’s Captain Marvel, where the leading actress Brie Larson was interviewed by a young girl is adorable; and the excitement in her to see a woman, who she will be too one day, flying and glowing does wonders to one’s self-esteem. Honestly, every child out there deserves to have that feeling that they are invincible.


Marvel & DC are the leading corporations who are currently producing superhero movies. However, the creator of these movies should make sure that these diversified characters are played by actors of that certain race or gender for accurate representation. Throughout years, their movies have only focused on white males like Iron Man, Captain America, Superman, Batman, Thor, Flash, etc. There are also new characters which will be introduced in Marvel and DC in future so it will definitely being hope and inspiration to people belonging to different gender, race and ethnicity.





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