The meaning of such a crowd..........






More than three million people have taken a bath in Kumbh on Monday, when the corona continues to take a macabre form, when physical distance is a condition of life.

Not only sadness, but also worry, what are the people there thinking about the Corona Guidelines?

The High Court had ordered the people to go to the fair area only after the corona investigation,


does the administration have the ability to check the corona of more than three million people?

There was an important royal bath in Kumbh on Monday, so the religious sentiments of the sadhus and nagas are understandable and the administration has also showered flowers on them,


why were the common people allowed to go in lakhs?

In the event of an outbreak of Corona,

who will assume their responsibility, most of the governments and administration will be whipped?

The administration and government are being severely criticized,

so who can say it wrong?

Had the administration been ready for such a crowd, now what will it answer in the High Court?

Forgetting the corona, reverence rose to such an extent that the rules became staggered.

And the Kumbh Mela area IG had to say, 'We are constantly urging people to follow the Covid rules, but this is practically impossible due to the huge crowd. It is impossible to follow the rules like social distance at the ghat here. If we try to get this done, a stampede-like situation may arise.'

Corona debuts at the beginning the Jamaat was heavily criticized, the same criticism is being received now, so do not be surprised. Organizing the Kumbh, which has been going on for centuries in India, was never easy. Kumbh Mela was also held in Haridwar in 1915, in which Gandhiji also participated and he focused his attention on cleaning, fixing the arrangements there.

He has written in the experiment of truth, 'The day of Kumbh has come. It was a blessed watch for me. I did not go to Haridwar with the feeling of traveling. I have never been tempted to wander in the research of purity in the pilgrimage area. But 17 lakh people could not be hypocrites. It was said that 17 lakh people would have come to the fair. Innumerable people came among them to earn merit, to attain purification, I had no doubt in this.

It is difficult, if not impossible to say, to what extent such reverence would elevate the soul. ' This 106-year-old expression of Gandhiji has many questions, which are still wandering in the Kumbh region. We must find the answer.

It is time to test ourselves. The basic strength of every society rests on equal treatment of people. It is not possible that a person who does not put a mask inside a motorcar has to pay a fine and somewhere he does not even question the thousands or millions of people engaged in the Kumbh or election rally.

This is not the time to successfully mobilize and pat your management, this is the time when the crowd is avoided and no threat is taken. Perhaps in today's time, saving one's own life and livelihood is the greatest virtue.

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