The Importance of Green Cleaning Products






No matter what, it’s always important to have a great set of cleaning products and supplies on hand. Keeping a clean home, business or space will keep you on track to stay organized and clean throughout each day. Depending on your preferences, sensitivities, and even allergies, some cleaning products may tend to be too abrasive or strong for you to handle.

Some cleaning products do contain hazardous or toxic chemicals that can negatively affect people with sensitive skin, allergies, or smell sensitivities. Sure, these harsh cleaning products are good for deep cleaning, but there are other ways to properly clean without having adverse reactions.

Recently, new cleaning products have come out of the woodwork using less harsh ingredients that are better for the environment. There has been a big push, in many industries, to create products that promote sustainability and environmentally conscious products. Eco-friendly and green cleaning products are now being used more than ever in residential and commercial spaces to get the cleaning done.

Most of these new cleaning supplies are just as effective as traditional forms of cleaning products without the harsh chemicals and strong smell. Normally, traditional cleaning products may contain ingredients that pose health risks for people with a weak immune system or other types of health conditions.

Eco-friendly cleaning products do not contain any chemicals that cause any great amount of air or water pollution. Remember, when you’re cleaning your sink, toilet, or bathtub, all of those cleaning products will be washed away down the drain. By flushing harmful chemicals down the tube, it could potentially pollute our waterways.

When searching for new green cleaning products to use in your home or your business, consider making sure that each product meets a few standards before purchasing. According to the Clean Water Action, there are a few requirements that these products need to meet to be considered “green.”

Some aspects to consider in safe, green products are if they have biodegradable formulas, if they’re nontoxic, if they use recycled packaging or materials, and if the products are phosphate-free. Other requirements for environmentally friendly products include using natural fragrances such as essential oils and are free of synthetic dyes, chlorine, and hypochlorite.

Although some of these products do not contain harmful and hazardous chemicals like bleach, does not mean they don’t clean just as effectively as traditional cleaning supplies. All traditional cleaning products like dish soap, stain removers, laundry detergent, and all-purpose cleaners have their own eco-friendly alternatives. You won’t have to compromise on your favorite cleaning products to create a safer, cleaner environment.

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