The Highest Quality Flooring Option for Bathrooms






There are different options for bathrooms to choose from. However, when picking the best floor for your bathroom you need to be extra careful. There is much more to consider than just beautiful looks. When choosing bathroom flooring, you need to take into account the floor’s practical qualities, and whether it can withstand the wear that will happen through time. So being well versed in the options can help you opt for the highest quality flooring designed for your bathroom despite its size and style. Let’s first understand some important tips and then decide which flooring can suit your bathroom.

·         Is your floor waterproof?

This is the most crucial aspect in a bathroom environment. Always remember that your floor should withstand the splishing and splashing all the time as it will take place constantly. There are a number of floors on the market, like laminates that claim to be water resistant. So you need to choose the type of flooring when splashed on a daily basis!

·         What practical qualities your floor should hold?

Before picking your new bathroom floor, there are some practical points to consider. For example, how slip resistant is this underfoot installation? Does your floor come with an easy-wipe surface for simple maintenance? By choosing MRFLOOR and ordering their Quality Flooring Melbourne, you can be sure they are safe and will save your time, effort and money.

·         Are you after a wood or stone look?

Now comes the most interesting part: the flooring’s aesthetic. Of course, practical qualities are more than important but almost all homeowners are interested in looks as well. MRFLOOR holds countless options in both timber and tiled looks, so you won’t have a lack of choice. When selecting between wood and stone, we suggest considering not only the nature of the room, but also the nature of your home as a whole. So whether you want to create rustic look or more contemporary style, rest assured MRFLOOR has got your needs covered.

What is the best flooring for bathrooms?

Though bathrooms can be the smallest room in your home, you should pay attention to all the above mentioned points in order to get the best value for your investment. Itis quite important what flooring material you will be laying in the bathroom because not only it has to provide for a lot of foot traffic, it also needs to be slip resistant, water proof, compatible with under-floor heating systems, easy to clean and look aesthetically beautiful for the whole environment. Now, a question arises “What should I buy and how I can find Quality Flooring Melbourne?”

MRFLOOR is your top destination as we describe vinyl waterproof flooring and guarantee its durability. Below we explore the reasons why the vinyl range is considered to be top-notch Quality Flooring Melbourne and why it is the perfect flooring for a bathroom or wet room.

·         Completely Waterproof 

This is a must for almost any space. Vinyl flooring offered by MRFLOOR is perfect for bathroom and wet room as it is completely waterproof. If installed professionally, it will easily cope with moist environments and won’t deteriorate if exposed to water on a regular basis. Vinyl flooring when installed in a wet room will also have another advantage: it provides warmer and softer feel underfoot which makes for a far more pleasant experience when compared to other cold tile options and hardwood. So it can perfectly improve your experience and you won’t need to rely on underfloor heating.

·         Easy Installation

No matter what type of vinyl flooring you choose, it is easier to install than any other alternative options. Vinyl flooring can be installed with standard skirting boards. The flooring may be glued down over its entire area, glued down only around the edges, or unglued, depending on the area. Edges may often need to be sealed based on the size of the space and planks. Vinyl flooring can also be sealed to a water resistance wall surface in wet rooms.

·         Low maintenance

Thanks to waterproof qualities, bathroom vinyl flooring is quite easy to take care of. If it is residential cleaning you can vacuum, sweep or mop to remove all dust and keep it looking fresh. If there are some stubborn stains you can remove them using concentrated neutral detergent. You must mop spillages quickly to prevent any stains.  If it’s a commercial cleaning process then it can be carried out by hand or you can use mechanical cleaning apparatus. Just remember to avoid dragging or sliding heavy items and furniture, carousels and point of sale across the floor.

·         Slip Resistance

Vinyl flooring can come with a number of degrees of slip resistance so it’s ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchen where slips can occur often. Being Quality Flooring Melbourne, vinyl is available in a various level of thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 8mm thick. When you purchase vinyl flooring it can be confusing to decide which one is right for your project. Just remember like laminate flooring; the thicker the floor, the sturdier your floor will be.

Laminate Flooring Melbourne

MRFLOOR also offers quality Laminate Flooring Melbourne designed for wet rooms. Laminate Flooring Melbourne is available in different thickness and width depending on the manufacturer and supplier. Choosing the right thickness and width for your flooring is crucial. Remember the thicker laminate is, the better it will resist to water. There are two types of finishes available – Matt and Gloss. So it depends on your preferences and taste which one you want.

·         Matt finishes are more scratch resistance and do not show water stains. If there is a high traffic area such as kitchen and hallways then this is ideal.

·         Gloss finishes are preferred by clients who prefer giving more attention to the overall look of their interior.

Now you know many details about how to choose the most ideal flooring for your bathroom and wet areas. Simply take into account all these things and make a choice wisely. 

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