The Hidden Love






People make many claims when it comes to love. If one asks someone about love, the answer will be extraordinary, even if one does not believe in love. List of things and people we love: family, friends, soulmate, life partner, nature, travelling, music and many more. Time spent with friends, fight with siblings, hug of a soulmate, possessiveness of a partner, mystery of a new adventure, lyrics of a melodious track, all these things come under the realm of love. Things might vary from person to person but underlying emotions and vibes are same.

There is one thing that every lover hides. Similarly, people who don’t believe in love, have a love that they don’t know about. Both the believers and non-believers of love have one thing in common. Lovers don’t want to hear about it and the non-believers don’t want to accept it. Former is in love with the fears and the later is not ready to embrace one’s. The fear of the loved ones creates a longing for love and to be loved.

Mostly, people say, “I love you”. Rarely, people say that I am afraid to lose you. If one isn’t afraid to lose you, it’s not love, it’s a social commitment. It’s the fear that makes love, true love. The fear of losing the perfect moment to click a sunrise makes one a true lover of nature. Otherwise, one is just a tourist aiming to kill time. More than the people and other things, a person is in love with the fear associated with the people we love.

No one is devoid of love. People who doesn’t believe in love are actually in love with the fear of love. They hate love so much that they actually fall in love with this hate. Fear paints a totally different picture. Even though the palette is filled with hate, end result is a spectacular picture with which one fells in love. People might call one as a hater, however, it’s not true. Infact, one is not even aware of one’s love for this fear.

Fear makes love meaningful and strong. Fear builds a beautiful house in which love nurtures and dwells. Fear also keeps one from loving others. It builds a dark house where every emotion is allowed to enter except love.

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