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The advice given by the Supreme Court to the judges to be extra sensitive during the hearing of cases related to women, is a commendable initiative not only for the justice of justice but also for humanity. India's judicial system is appreciated worldwide for its impartiality, boldness and scientific temper and for the same reasons in this era of erosion of values, it maintains its dignity in the eyes of its citizens.

But during the course of the court proceedings in the recent past, some such comments came to the fore and made headlines in the media, which were not only contrary to the constitutional expectation of gender equality, but could not be acceptable to any civilized society. It is a matter of comfort that the country's top court has taken it seriously. It has also asked the Bar Council to include lessons on sexual offenses and sexual sensitivity in law courses.

The apex court made this intervention in the context of the Madhya Pradesh High Court's decision in which the accused of sexual harassment was asked to get the victim tied as a condition of bail.

The Supreme Court justified it as invalid against the entire justice system. In what ways are women facing sexual harassment and inequality in India, it is not only the respected people who sit on the chair of the judge, but also the common citizens are well aware, and for this, to look into the figures of 'National Crime Records Bureau' Should not be needed.

But when some women come to gather courage and demand justice, it is their natural expectation from the courts that their dignity will be taken care of there. But he had to be insulted in certain cases due to misuse. Not long has passed since a woman judge of the Bombay Bench of the Bombay High Court had made a 'skein tuskin' contact remark for sexual harassment and acquitted the accused. Then in that case also the Supreme Court stayed the High Court's decision.

No developed country can afford to be civilized without giving equal respect to its women. In the Preamble of its Constitution, independent India has stated the importance of dignity of a person in obese. It has guaranteed the reputation of every man and woman in the country. Undoubtedly, in the last seven decades, many gender shackles have been broken at the social level and we are sure that this chain is not going to stop any longer.

That's why when a politician dresses women. When he attacks food or his personal freedom, he has to face a lot of opposition in his own party, but when it comes to justice, he should not only be unquestionable, unbiased. Must also appear in Barik Awam.

Judges come from this society. Through study and experience of law, they reach the posture of justice by conquering human weaknesses. Therefore, whatever the Supreme Court has said to keep away from social stereotypes related to gender discrimination, it will make the judiciary of India famous.

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