Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening






For me these were the signs that something is going to change inside me,

  1. Dark night of the soul

Spiritual awakening always start with a major event in one’s life, which usually leads to spiritual crisis journey, which, eventually ends at the union with God. In Roman Catholics they call it “dark night of the soul”.

2. Sudden self actualization

You start feeling that sense of fulfilment, security and being unashamed with who you actually are. You stop giving a shit to what people are thinking or how they might be perceiving you. Suddenly you become able to see your real potential. You become oblivious to judgement by others.

3. Bliss of solitude.

You get disassociated and detached with your old ideologies, habits and routines. The meaning of happiness is changed for you. Material things, social circle, old hobbies will appear useless. You find bliss in solitude. William Wordsworth was so utterly right when he said “that inward eye, which is the bliss of solitude”.

4. Tenderness and compassion for everything and everyone

This aspect was like a surprise for me. Suddenly I started feeling compassion to the people who were in the list of my worst enemies. You actually feel a connection with everything and everyone. It feels like that we all belong to one origin and this feeling was so utterly intense for me. I feel the next level empathy, in a way it is painful though. For the first time I literally was able to understand how Jesus prayed for those who were crucifying Him.

5. Strong urge to change to a healthy lifestyle

Instant gratification become a big no no suddenly. You will dive into the world of clean eating, good active life and non toxic unprocessed foods. You truly start respecting your body along your soul. Putting anything junk in your stomach will feel unholy.

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