Some Useful Tips that Can Help Choose Marble for Home






Have you decided to remodel your home? Are you planning to make your area more comfortable and stylish? You will never regret choosing marble. Marble can be used for flooring, fireplaces as well as kitchen countertops. It’s a luxurious choice that can enhance the whole space in no time at all. Marble is durable, attractive, and can come in many designs. This means that you can use both for modern and traditional settings. It doesn’t matter what color or texture you want, marble will always stand out.

Whenever you decide to update your kitchen, just go for marble. Whenever you decide to change your flooring and make it more stylish, go for marble. And finally, whenever you decide to make your bathroom look so luxurious, again go for marble. This is such a stone that can be used for generations and can transform the look of your whole space. Your entire house will become more stunning and your guests will just admire the atmosphere that marble has created.

Now, you probably have this question in your mind – How can I choose the best type of marble for my home? Below, we have delivered important tips that you can follow and make a choice easily. There is a wide range of marble options, so keep reading now and you will understand which of them suits your needs.

5 Recommendations for Buying Marble for Your Home

1. Consider the Originality of Your Marble

Be attentive and don’t be cheated on. There are many fake choices in the market because marble is quite a popular choice. Note that almost all marble types come from four countries including Spain, India, China, and Italy. However, there are also many other types you can select.

2. Explore the wide range of marble choices

Marble slabs can be available in a number of colors and patterns, so be sure you will find something which suits your interior design. Marble stands out due to its contrasting lines running through its surface. These lines are also called veining. You can choose marble that has subtle or heavy veining, so it depends on your taste and desires. Though the market is full of a diverse range of marble options, it is generally categorized into three types. Each of them is exclusive and comes with a different appearance.

·         Breccia

Breccia is a great choice for all those people who look for warmth. It can come in different types of patterns and shades including gold, brown, red, and more. These Breccia slabs come with either black or grey veining. There can also be round outlines recreating the look of bubbles.

·         Carrara

This is a favorite choice among homeowners. It comes in white varieties and it was used even many centuries ago by Greeks and Romans. Recently, this white marble has also become a preferred choice when updating the flooring. It has limited hues and you can find different warm and light white shades with light veining.

·         Calcatta

Similar to Carrara, this Calcatta marble stands out due to its excellence. It has a pure white color and comes with darker veining. As a result, it has a beautiful contrasting look that can immediately change your environment.

3. Consider Its Physical Features

You should be sure that you are buying marble slabs without any cracks or chips. Be careful enough to avoid those providers who deliver artificially-colored products because their color will soon fade away. Also, choose slabs with the same thickness and dimensions so that they will look smooth when installed.

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4. Be Careful When Selecting Color

First of all, you need to pay attention to the overall interior design of your home. So the color you choose should match your interior as well. Marble can have many variations like black, white, pink, etc. It’s worth mentioning that veining plays a great role as it makes the slab’s design complete and even more stunning. So when it comes to choosing a marble countertop for your bathroom or kitchen, make sure you are choosing your marble shade similar to your walls and flooring. However, note that marble is a natural stone, so it can have color differences and some veining inconsistency.

5. Pick Your Favorite Finish

When you buy marble it can come in either with a high gloss or matte look. So in general, the finish should be determined depending on where you are going to install it.

·         Polished

In fact, polished finish is the most favorite one and it is really popular among homeowners. In order to get this polished finish, a special stone polishing machine is used. The surface is being ground by this machine. Thanks to this method, veining becomes more beautiful and impressive. If you take care of this stone properly, then the finish of your polished surface will last for years to come.

·         Honed

In order to get a honed finish, the marble stone should be polished a little bit in order to reach that smooth surface. With a soft matte finish, it is considered to be a more practical choice than those shiny countertops.

Make an Informed Purchase

People use marble for many applications. However, no matter where you are going to install your marble, it will add a stunning beauty anywhere it’s installed. However, make sure you have taken into account some details about marble application before including it in your project. This will help you avoid a lot of problems in future .

Never think twice and follow the provided guideline in order to make the right choice. These tips are proven to help people make an informed purchase. However, if you deal with UGM and choose marble wholesale Cleveland, you can be sure that the experts will also guide you through this selection process. Get in touch with UGM today formarble wholesale Cleveland and let these specialists assist you! 

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