Smog tower






As of now in today’s world, as the human population is keep growing not only on quantity but also on quality which is leading to more and more innovation in each sector and thus for expanding the periphery of innovation and technology humans continuously utilizing and hampering the very stable ecosystem from root to top. So, as a result of it, now we are facing dramatic environmental conditions like slightly upgradation in normal temperature, introduction of contaminants into natural air in fact diffusion of harmful gases is also occurring like No2, So2, and many others which not only creating air unfit for breathing but also its mixing in air reaching the upper atmosphere causes the Ozone layer depletion too. And, this layer depletion causes thinning the wall of Ozone layer allowing the passage of ultraviolet light however in small extend as of now which if continuously going to happen then may cause severe effect on humans as well as animals too. So, question may arise in minds that to stop these effects of environment degradation humans should stop growing its area in terms of technology but it’s a human nature to keep innovating and keep exploring so solution should be that we must try sustainable development which must include planting more and more trees if we any start to keep growing in those area, one of such projects has been established in the form of smog tower which have structural designed such as that it reduce air pollution at some extent . It works as large-scale air purifiers. They are usually fitted with multiple layers of air fitters, which clean the air of pollutants as it passes through them. Large-scale air filters shall draw in the air through fans installed at the top before passing it through the filters and releasing it near the ground. The filters installed in the tower will use carbon nanofibers as a major component and will be fitted along its peripheries. The tower will focus on reducing particulate matter load.    

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