Should Live-In Relationships Be Encouraged?






Live-in relationships means a couple living together in one house, as if they're married, except they're not actually married. There have been several back-and-forth of arguments on whether live-in relationships should be encouraged or not. Most people in India don't like the concept of live-in relationships as they believe a couple should only live together if they're married. 

But I believe live-in relationships should not be considered such a big deal. The official term of this situation is cohabitation and what's wrong in it? When two people fall in love with each other, there's always that honeymoon phase which lasts for a few months, most people even get married thinking they can't live without their partner and want to be with them all the time and then get married. It's after few months of marriage that they realise that they have way too many differences in personality, and it's hard to live with that person. Hence, divorce is filed in the court; which then also brings the stigma that a person is divorced so they must be damaged goods. 

Cohabitation with your partner is actually a process of relationship when you want to go on a next level to see if you can actually spend the rest of your life with that person. When we see a person occassionally and go on dates, their attitude is much different than when you're actually living with them and then you get to see what that person is actually like. I feel like the general opinion about an unmarried couple living together is that they are just having sex, but having sex is not the only reason behind a couple living together. They test each other, to see if their partner can handle their morning sickness, or if when they can't sleep late at night, how would their partner react. You just start to see the same person in a new light. You either start to hate them or love them so much that you just become sure, that this person is the one. Even if things don't end well, you can always walk away without having the stigma of being divorced follow you everywhere. 

I never actually understand how people get married without truly knowing someone? Marriage is supposed to be sacred but so many couples just "live with it"; their partners having toxic traits which they didn't see before marriage and now they just ignore it or live with it anyway because they don't want to break the "sanctity" but there's nothing pure about it if you are unhappy on unsatisfied. 

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