Who will be elected as President 2020 in the USA??

The most awaited day of the year 2020 is on the way and we are just a few days away from it. Yes, it is absolute the59th US Presidential Election 2020. Even in this pandemic, people are so excited to have this happened with extreme fledge. Amid protests for George Floyd, election works have begun.

 In the last summer, almost there were more than 20 candidates who got attention for this prestigious role and only two are now in the race. 

Joe Biden, the former President is on the race and elected as a candidate for the Democratic Party is expected to lead the race. Some of the experts say, he will win the race without much effort. 

His strong competitor among others is the current US President Donald Trump, the Republic Candidate. Winner of this election will get crowned in a grand inauguration ceremony which is expected to be held on 20th January 2021. 

The journey of Joe Biden:

The 77-year-old Joe Biden started his political career for Presidential role in the year 2019 with his strong recognition as reputed Former Vice president of former President Mr Barack Obama. In this poll, he is expected to be the strong frontrunner among all the competitors. 

 Even he had slight drops at the start of the year 2019; the waves have now jumped drastically to a higher level that no one has expected. In South Carolina, he had a good influence and win margin which shows some positive sign. In the year 2017, he was bestowed the Prestigious Presidential Medal for Freedom by former President Barack Obama. His profile is packed heavily with good stuff which shows winning signs among the people.

The journey of Donald Trump:

The 73-year-old President Donald Trump is popular and known for his outspoken speech in the corona pandemic and his efforts and steps towards the backing of the American economy is highly commendable. Even in the primary stages of Corona pandemic he never hesitated to take bold actions and decisions towards the welfare of people. And people supporting Trump are quite confident about his victory in this election too.

Presidential Polling Process and Suggestions:

Are you interested in polling your votes through mail?? Yes, you have a choice to opt-out and the voting process through the mail is common and set in practice for the welfare of people in recent years. You can easily fill the ballots by dropping mails from your place itself. 

Researchers have predicted an enormous increase in the mailing votes because of this corona pandemic and potential dangers are expected in some places. In the year 2020, around 75% of people are expected to vote through mails and the voting through the mail is expected to be the twice the number of votes registered in the year 2016. 

As you all know, currently Donald Trump and Mike Pence are serving as President and Vice President of United States and if they win for the second time, the combo will mark their presence again in the sedentary in a row. If not Joe Biden will embark his place in a shining way.


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