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Modi government or we say "Right" one is it really Right winged, Did we have Right or Left winged ideologies in our system…? 

Who started this Left, Right debate?

It all dates back to 18th century French revolution, back then France was ruled by royal family, those were in support of the royal family used to seat on the right side of the parliament and on the left were the change seekers who wanted revolution to the existing system, which gave the raw definition of the right winged and left winged ideology at that time.

That's why right winged are often described as conservatives and left one are referred as revolutionary or reformists. But in today's world the best representation of the two ideologies is shown by America Democrats(the left winged) and Republicans (the right one).

The Left Ideology

Left winged often support the separation of religion from government, same sex marriages, open immigration, globalisation, full control over economy, increased taxes on rich and opposes death penalties.

The Right One

While Rights are exact opposite they support one state one religion policy, reduced taxes to improve innovation, support capitalism, least interference of government in economy and have closed view on immigration to conserve the culture of the state.

Can we divide India in Left or Right?

Sorry no one can divide India even when it comes to Right or Left... So what do we have? Do we have a "Right" government, in India?         

Right and Left ideology is not the best way to define indian politics. In India we have socially Right leaning parties like BJP, SHIV SENA, AIMIM etc. and other parties like Congress, CPI-M, AAP, TMC etc.(the so called secular one) can be said socially Left leaning parties. But when comes to economy all the differences comes to an end almost all parties in India are economically Left leaning, they support subsidies, want to increase taxes, infact India's FDI was closed till 1990s. So the best way to judge indian political parties is on their individual decisions and policies.

Right or Left?

So, Which is better Right or Left? The best answer is Center. The perfect balance of Right and Left ideologies is the recipe of a prosperous nation. Countries with extreme ideas often suffers. For instance Left governed China despite booming economy, suffers basic rights for minorities, and endless restrictions on the citizens. While middle east extreme Right policies are known to everyone where all governance revolves around religion. 

"It's hard to support Right or Left. But best to be at the center of both."        

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