Relationships = Studies






Striking the right balance between your studies and relationships is not a joke. First off, you cannot downplay the importance of your grades. ( your parents will always remind you of that). But you shouldn’t neglect building relationships either, because they are equally important in the grander scheme of life.

To make sure you don’t let things sway too far in either direction, here are some tips to help you stay focused on the right thing at the right time.

1.     Make a Schedule

If you want to keep both your relationship and your grades happy, you and your partner need to make a schedule of times when you’re both busy and times when you’re both free. You can mark out time for each other during your free periods and agree that your time apart is just as important as your time together.

2.     Study Together

Having combined study time kills two birds with one stone. Keep in mind, though, that this may not always work. If you find one another too distracting, you might end up wasting a lot of very valuable time. However, if it works, it might just be the key to maintaining that perfect balance you’ve been looking for.

3.     Be on the Same Page

If you are in a relationship with someone who never understands or compliments your academic performance, you may never be able to strike a balance between your studies and your relationship. Be with someone who motivates you to get work done, and make sure you motivate them in return.

4.     Make Studying a Priority

Sorry love birds, this one has to be said. In situations where you have to choose between studying or spending time with your significant other, your studies have to win that battle. There will be plenty of time for both of you to spend together in the future. When your studies demand your uninterrupted attention, you need to give your studies that attention. Be sure to support your partner in their decision when they make the same call; chances are that they’re committed to building a better future to spend with you!

5.     Clarify Your Goals

If you both have vastly different goals in life, then you probably shouldn’t be together, and there shouldn’t be any hard feelings about that. On the other hand, if your goals are aligned, then congratulations, you might have found your soulmate!

6.     Help Each Other Out Academically

If you or your partner can help each other out with certain topics, you can both make sure that each of you are well prepared for exams. Helping one another is also an opportunity for both of you to spend quality time together in a productive environment. As part of the plans set out for your dates, if you find yourselves in a Chinese restaurant, you can use online translation and localization  services offered by The Word Point and other brands to communicate effectively with the waiters.

7.     Know When to Evaluate Yourselves

If you find that your relationship is suffering while you both spend time with your studies, or vice versa, then it might be time for you to evaluate your situation and re-establish some balance. Have an honest conversation with your significant other and come up with a solution that helps both of you find some equilibrium.

8.     Time management 

This is another thing you must learn while managing relationship and studies. Set time for studies and time for dating. Stick to your schedule. Bring your partner into this arrangement as well. This will help you in settling with both. This not only will satisfy your thirst for being with your love but also will give you time to conquer your dreams. Time management is a necessity in this situation as it is time that can take the moments away from you and also the one to give you an ample amount of time to be with your loved one. Trust time and do a proper time management and you will be awarded by time in the end.

To wrap things up, just remember that your relationships and your studies can both equally impact your future if you treat them right. Don’t let one succumb to the other; if you’re lucky and you manage to keep the right balance, you could be set up for life!


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