Real Truth of Life






  1. Everything is temporary, including yourself.
  2. You will never be satisfied with what you have until you die.
  3. Greed drives the economy, and the economy drives greed.
  4. Having more friends does not guarantee your happiness.
  5. Your best friends will be the first ones to let you down when you run into difficulties.
  6. Money isn’t everything, but everything needs money.
  7. Everyone is selfish but makes a poor job of not showing it.
  8. Value yourself first before you ask others to value you.
  9. Nobody knows what will happen in the future.
  10. You will never understand success if you have never tasted failure.
  11. You are defined by what you know; not what you own.
  12. Doing is better than thinking.
  13. Forgiveness is the hardest mountain to climb.
  14. The life you want to live is defined by you.
  15. Some people are simply not your match, and some people were never designed to become your friends.
  16. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.
  17. Education is not the key to success. Knowing how to use education is the key to success.
  18. The government was never designed to give you; it was designed to take what you have.
  19. Most cultures and beliefs steer you in the wrong direction; it’s entirely up to you to discover and create your own culture and beliefs.
  20. Whom you surround yourself with defines you; and what they think, say or believe, infects you.
  21. Negativity far outnumbers positivity, but positivity far outweighs negativity.
  22. The optimistic mind is like a river that cuts through rocks and mountains.
  23. Foolishness is a disease that steals people’s dreams.
  24. An ostrich that buries its head in the sand and two people who are madly in love are the same. They ignore the fact that everybody else is looking at them.
  25. The poverty of the mind is worse than the poverty of material things.
  26. The most difficult mission on earth is to focus on your dreams; the easiest task is to complain.
  27. Stay away from naysayers; they will never be happy for you when you win.
  28. Never, ever, think small. That’s not what your Maker was thinking when He designed you with the ability to think.
  29. Trust yourself first, before you ask others to trust you.
  30. Never take life for granted. Many people are dreaming to have your life.

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