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What is the best engineering branch for future? Should I choose mechanical engineering? Mechanical Engineering benefits and jobs.

It is tough to decide which engineering discipline to opt after clearing competitive exams. What should be the basis of selection? I tried to check on the internet, newspaper, etc., but could not find a satisfactory answer. 80% of students do not know their interests and basis of selection of the best discipline for them.  All fields seem equally good.


These days students select their discipline based on two criteria:

  • Basis of college merit list: Colleges allot the discipline based on competitive exams result /ranking.
  • Choose by yourself: Based on your friends, relative, parent experience or what the trend is nowadays

Based on my experience, you should survey/discuss with your available resources so that it is in line with your interest and lifestyle/expectation from your pursuing career.

I chose mechanical engineering, and I'll let you know why I did so, so you can learn from my past experience and maybe follow a similar approach to decide what's right for you. 

People say that mechanical engineering is an evergreen discipline; most industries always welcome mechanical engineers as some mechanical equipment exists in every industry. Only there is one significant drawback in the field: lack of gender equality. You Rarely see any female in this field. Due to this the office atmosphere is very different from other offices.

When you join a mechanical engineering company, there are always two types of job profiles:

  • Research /Engineering – white-collar job.

This job is regarded as a white-collar job; you work most of the time at the headquarter /engineering office, which is situated in the city. You are rarely go to site for site survey and collection of data for research /engineering work. You use latest technology (software) and carry out the calculation (design), layout/drawings, data sheet etc

  • Offshore/site related job – Blue collar

This is second phase of engineering where you execute the job based on engineering in terms of production, execution at site. You work either at the production yard or on site.

You can apply in the following industries

Oil & Gas field: there is a lot of requirement of mechanical engineer in oil & Gas due to a lot of static and rotary equipment and network of piping, where mechanical engineers are required at the site as well as in the office. This is a specialized field and high-risk job; candidates get a high salary package in this field.

Power Plants & Nuclear Plants: In this field also  there is a lot of mechanical equipment and huge piping to deal with, and thus groups of mechanical engineers are required to maintain the plants.

Heating and cooling system: Most of the work related to thermodynamics design and mechanical fabrication. Mechanical engineers are required to carry out 70 % activities in this filed.

Transport systems: Mechanical engineers and automobile engineers are required in maintenance /production as well as the design of transport industries. There are always huge openings in this field for mechanical engineers.

Aeroplanes & Robotics: a lot of mechanical parts and machines are used in these industries where mechanical engineers are required to carry out the design and maintenance work.

Medical equipment: some mechanical equipment is also used in medical industries where mechanical engineers are required.

Fabrication Yard & Mechanical Machinery: Fabrication yard and machinery industries like static and rotating equipment, where there is always a requirement of mechanical engineers for fabrication, inspection and maintenance for the same.

This list does not end here. There are a lot of industries where mechanical engineers are required for fabrication, inspection, production and maintenance of machine, equipment etc.

Some of the best engineering colleges in india are NIT,DTU,IIT where you can do mechanical engineering.

Salary Package: Salary package is based on whether your job is on-site , research/engineering, brand, contract-based/regular based, location etc. Generally, the salary package provided is around Rs.2.8L to 7.2L for beginners in India.

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