Portable Work Platform – What are the Code of Safe Practices?






A portable work platform is a type of platform that is needed in order to work high above the ground, and reach a specific height and work there in order to perform cleaning, painting etc. This type of platform is portable, often extendable to allow easier work access, and is strong and durable in form. Know about some of the popular safe practice codes to follow for this type of platform.

Wire Rope And Hardware

Only wire rope as well as attachments specified by the manufacturer of the hoisting machine should be used. The wire rope should be quite long, which can help in reaching the lowest landing that is possible. The rope must be lubricated and cleaned according to the instructions of the manufacturer.  Manufacturer’s instructions should be followed when it comes to handling rope, coiling and uncoiling, tightening etc.

Fall Arrest Equipment

Every lifeline needs to be secured to an isolated anchorage that holds at least 5000 pounds. Everyone who is on a suspended extendable work platform needs to be attached to an isolated fall arrest system, unless the setup process was designed particularly not to need one. In order to prevent chafing, lifelines should be protected at sharp corners. Fall arrest device should be placed right above the head level.


All equipment, including work access platforms and more, needs to be as per the directions shared by the manufacturer. The equipment should not be replaced, modified or overloaded. All the rigging equipment needs to be inspected each and every day.

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