Pics With Deep Meanings






You never smoke a cigarette. Cigarette smokes you off.

Respect your body.

We all do it.

Self - Help.

One strong and positive thought can change millions of thoughts (People)

Relationships now days (No Offense) both boys and girls does the same.

If we don't think problem as a burden, they will stop being one.

Parents give all they have to their children but very few understands it truly.

What else can we expect. Haha…

No caption required.

How would you feel then ?

Some times human act self-harming without even knowing.

Sadly true.

Be what ever you want.

Don't let people eat your thoughts.

A soldier will always be a soldier.

No caption.

Wasting time.

You never know.

Women's really are facing so many hurdles to compete with the world as compared with men.

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