Opportunities And Challenges In Trademark Registration In India






Globalization along with the fast-growing digital economy has accelerated several changes in the business environment globally. The rising importance of trademark registration is a prime focus; it is crucial for survival and growth. As KVIC seeks an international trademark for Khadi items, it serves as a blazing example of how corporate giants, government enterprises, and MSMEs need more substantial trademark registration and surveillance and adapt to the changing business ecosystem. Trademark registration in Kolkata is a concrete step forward.
Trademark As A Safeguard Against Multinational Companies
The “make in India” drive and the boom in the digital economy in India have been proved to be a boon for Indian companies. However, e-commerce has also opened the door for multinationals to feel their presence in the Indian economy. In this scenario, trademark infringement is a crucial aspect. It is uncommon that local Indian companies can sue multinationals and win. The best survival strategy for Indian corporates and MSMEs would be due to trademark registration. The process of trademark registration is simple, and trademark registration legal associates can provide necessary assistance.
 Dealing With Deceptive Similarity
 It is a common scenario when business owners in India are met with deceptive similarities of trademarks. What is a deceptive similarity of the brand? These instances arise when a later mark has a strong resemblance and is like a translation of the earlier registered trademark.
Trademark registration safeguards your brand from deceptive similarity or any translation of your brand name. The cases of deceptive similarity arise in the case of similar businesses. So, it may damage your brand name and business reputation. Trademark registration helps you make the other party accountable for any deceptive similarity of your brand name or logo.
Trade Mark For MSMEs  
While it is a mandatory practice for corporates to register trademarks, the MSME sector lacks initiative. They primarily depend on the common law tort to protect their logo and brand names. What is the risk in it? As discussed earlier, the deep penetration of e-commerce to even the rural sector of India has made the MSME sector vulnerable.
The MSMEs India now have to take long-term measures rather than myopic business measures.
Trademark Registration For Online Businesses
If you own an online business, do you need trademark registration? The answer is ‘yes. The surge in online business has led it to become a competitive field. Also, the world of online business is too big to monitor any instance of duplicity. However, even if you own a small online business, our brand name is your biggest asset.
Trademark registration is ideal for individuals or proprietors. Like most business practices, you can also go for online filing of trademarks for your business. The process is easy and closely assimilated. The Trademark registration service in Kolkata can advise you on trademark classification and drafting the TM-A form. A trademark service may provide professional help to address the queries and take the necessary step if there are any trademark objections. Online trademark registration may take some delays; however, it is better than leaving your business unprotected. Online trademark registration may have the following elements:
•    Number.
•    Letter.
•    Phrase.
•    Logo.
•    Graphics.
•    Sound Mark.
•    Smell or colors.
•    Graphics.
•    Visual representation.
•    Pattern marks.

Lastly, like all other trademarks, your online business trademark does not have any definite limitations. However, you have to renew your brand after ten years period
Trademark attorneys in Kolkata offer both online and offline trademark registration processes. You can also go for collective trademarks or series marks. As you have the proper guidance of an experienced trademark attorney, you can get complete assistance on trademark registration.

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