One year later..






The lockdown that started in those days last year, we have not been free till today. It is hard to forget, the entire lockdown period was extended four times and since then the process of unlocking has been going on. Currently, the country is going through unlocked 10, but about one third of the country is facing the threat of lockdown again. Worry is there, it is not just this maharog, the trouble is there, a whole gang of problems is going on with him.

More than one lakh sixty thousand people have died due to corona, but many times more people are suffering from their financial condition. Numerous loss figures continue to appear from the corona, and the heart only wishes that it be liberated as soon as possible and this wish includes freedom from lockdown.

Will this debate continue for eternity whether Corona did more harm or lockdown?

There will also always be a debate whether lockdown was the only defense option.There are also countries like Taiwan in this world, where not even a single day was locked and the disease was not allowed to pass.

Taiwan's study and experience can be useful for us. We should learn on a war footing from all the countries which fought the epidemic without lockdown.

A country like India with a large population has to think and test whether lockdown is the only option we have in the event of such infectious diseases.

Can we not fight an epidemic while doing our work and leading a normal life?

It is also important to consider here how much we have respected the lockdown?

How many people who broke the lockdown were sent to jail?

Our freedom and generosity of the system distracts many times.

While the lockdown has tested the patience of society, Corona has made us think about a new lifestyle. Maintaining physical distance is a nature.

But is it possible for us to maintain mutual physical intercourse from the crossroads to the pilgrimage site?

Have we been able to understand that neither security nor devotion nor healthy civilization is possible in the crowd?

After this epidemic, the need to teach civics has increased greatly by adding a separate chapter in our education curriculum.

Experts are not yet able to tell when the corona will go, so it is not even possible to tell when the possibility of lockdown will end,

Therefore, the only way forward for our safety is to teach ourselves and our future generations to live under the Health Protection Protocol.

No doubt, far more concerns have arisen due to lockdown than Corona has raised our concerns.

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