Non-Compliance with GDPR, And Consultants’ Take on the Issue






The main concern with GDPR is the fact that it is being more and more useful for the corporate sphere. In other words, complying with GDPR regulation is a step towards protecting the brand image of an organisation. It is already known in the global sphere that compliance is the deciding factor for a firm’s reputation in the global market.


Everybody is aware that general data protection regulation was introduced in the year 2018 and has witnessed a lot of negligence ever since. Not complying with the regulations has made certain organisations in the global sector subject to heinous cyber-attacks in these few years.

The impact left by this European Union regulation that is now imposed as a law, has grown at such an exponential rate that it has engulfed all the industries as of now.

When it comes to the fines associated with the violation of this regulation, one thing that remains constant is the connection of GDPR with the cyber-security management plan of a business entity.

GDPR was introduced with an intention to protect the personal data of the employees who belong to the European Union.

But a couple of years later, it has now turned out to be one of the most prominent laws to be introduced for not only protecting the personal data for individual, but also giving them the freedom to know exactly how their data is going to be handled.

Companies that are not complying with this law, have faced whopping fines, and are continuing to do so.

But again, it is not about the fines that are being charged from these conglomerates that makes the overall situation worse. It is the aftermath that stirs up negativity and insecurity among the customers who are associated with these companies.

In layman terms, If Google has been charged with 15 million euros for GDPR violation their regular customers will have the sense of insecurity regarding the personal data that they are providing to the tech giant.

And when companies that are so big in scale, are taking a hit, the complaint itself gets exposed do a number of vulnerabilities, the major one being cyber-crime.


GDPR consultancy services in the UK are always focus towards making a company resilient in terms of compliance. this is the reason why all the business entities are choosing the United Kingdom over any other market for getting the best consultants.

When an organisation gets hold of the most suitable candidate they can get, it becomes easy for the company to understand what the regulation is really about and what are the different grounds on which they have to comply with the law.

One of the major factors that makes risk management consultants in the UK more approachable among the corporate sector, is their ability to perform regular audits and gap analysis that helps their client in getting a reality check of every step there going to take in the future.

The same goes with GDPR. When it comes to GDPR compliance, these are the steps that hold utmost importance, like cyber-security consultancy and risk management security as they help the firm understand the criteria they have to meet to protect the data of everyone connected to the firm. 

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