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The remarks made by the Supreme Court of the country on the role of women in our forces are not only pleasant, but also praiseworthy. The Supreme Court on Thursday termed the Army's standards on the permanent commission of women as absurd and arbitrary.

Although the Delhi High Court had given a decision to give permanent commission to women in the army about eleven years ago, the fact is that the decision is still not fully implemented.

Work in this direction started in the year 2019, but in the year 2020, the Supreme Court once again had to make arrangements that there is no discrimination against women in the army. Sadly, even after this, women had to go to the Supreme Court for their rights and now the comments made by the Supreme Court on the perspective of the army, government and society is like a milestone.

The court has contended that the structure of Indian society is such that it is made by men and for men. Even today, if this thing needs to be explained at the level of the Supreme Court, then it is a tragedy.

Indeed, women should get their full rights, men have no right to impose decisions on women. Along with this, the court has asked the army to reconsider the application of 650 women within two months and give a permanent commission.

The Supreme Court found that the method of estimating the ability of women posted in the Short Service Commission in the Army is arbitrary and absurd.

If this method were right, women officers would not have to apply to the Supreme Court. The court, in its 137-page judgment, also said that there are some things which never seem to be harmful, but which are indicative of the fraud of the patriarchal system. Such a stand of the Supreme Court in favor of women is historical, because we have seen some judges being patriarchal in multiple decisions.

However, the way the apex court appeared in favor of women on Thursday, it will surely give women the basic morale for further struggle.

The army will have to improve its standards in the coming days. This notion is old about what work women do in the army.

When women are ready for deployment on every front, on what basis will they be able to stop them?

Those deserving women, who have the desire to remain in the army, should not be lost after ten or twenty years of service. They should take full advantage of their experience by making them officers and retire at the age fixed for men.

Creating separate norms to prevent them from moving forward and obstructing the way to give them command or responsibility through various excuses is not only malevolence, but also disregard of the constitution.

If you want, it is the right justice to let it go. Over time, a change in the mindset of the army is necessary. Proper participation of women in our army will make it more decent, social, capable and effective.

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