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Have you been going literally blind while stepping out of your house ? I’ll wager a guess that you wear glasses

One of the problems to arise from this masking wearing era is for the individuals who wear glasses. When you wear your mask and spectacles and step out, white smog obstructs the lenses.

Why does this happen ?

In very simple terms, when you wear a mask the air that you breathe out escapes from the small spaces available around your mask. A flat shaped mask leaves a lot of gaps around the nose. The air that moves upwards meets the relatively cool surface of the glasses and undergoes condensation to form fog.

Recently, ( precisely on November 12th, 2020 ) Dr. Daniel M. Heiferman took to Twitter to share an easy but effective hack to help glasses-wearers which he learnt in his hours of working in the operating theatre. He said a simple band-aid over the nose would do wonders.

Technically, a band aid would ensure the closing of gaps between the mask and the nose area, and the mask would stay almost stuck to the face. This will prevent any escape of air from the upward direction and no more fogging !

Within hours , the tweet went viral with a whopping 67.8 k retweets and 177.6k likes.

Stars like Chrissy Teigen and Sarah Hyland shared the trick on their SM profiles.

Dr. Heiferman  was also interviewed by local stations  and  featured by Cosmopolitan , Insider, and other sites.

"I can't tell you how frequently I see people whose noses are exposed, which is as good as not wearing anything, or readjusting it constantly, or bringing it down to speak," Heiferman said. "Everyone is having to reinvent the wheel on this."  ( Source: Insider)

He also mentioned that the padded region of the band-aid should preferably be over your nose. And a fabric-based band aid is seen as more comfortable. Many users retweeted with suggestions for different tapes that could be used in place of the band-aid.  Dr. Heiferman said that the cotton pad in the bandage prevents some of the irritation that he would notice after using tape for several days in a row.  

And in addition to preventing glasses from fogging, the band-aid can also keep your mask from sliding down.

All in all a major win. Thanks to Dr. Heiferman , the internet came together to share their own tips and tricks to help in wearing masks and glasses comfortably. This created increased awareness about wearing a mask.

Heiferman is an open cerebrovascular and endovascular neurosurgery fellow at  Semmes Murphey clinic, Memphis, Tennessee.

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