Love Saga & Acceptance






"Love", a four letter word has the deepest meaning and the power to change the world around you. Here I am trying to reflect some of the interesting aspect of love and relationships and the way people accept each other. Isn't it cute or exciting to fall in love? Definitely yes. Everyone feels the butterflies in the stomach and try to reach the heights of their love. But gradually this romantic feeling starts fading when partners start knowing each other as the more they spend time together. Today's love is just falling for a day or a month but love is beyond that. Love has some excitement, craziness, happiness, laughters with some tearful moments too but real love never fades away. In today's scenerio people changes relationship as like changing a dress after a couple of time. But to be loved and to love you really need a big and genuine heart with all the acceptance of your partners. Love is a beautiful journey to go through many experiences. Correcting the imperfections making them the perfect for you, to love without expecting anything in return, to be supportive in their worst days too, those feelings that can't be expressed through words, all these emotions have very different level of joy and peace. 

To accept as they are, rectifying their mistakes by love and to love immensely is a greater satisfaction one can get. No matter how much you try to get the perfect match but without acceptance you can never find as human needs & demands is a never ending process. But to love immensely one has to love his/her own soul first. If a person can't love himself/herself then he/she can never love the other wholeheartedly. Loving yourself is the first priority before loving others.

Love and acceptance is nothing but the union of two souls and the satisfaction of finding one's self in a lost world. It's the significance of being a better human. So be beautiful & make your heart the universe of love.

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