Love Or Fear ~ Your Choice






May I talk openly and honestly about fear? Not a very popular subject I agree, yet I feel it is immensely important to talk about. Perhaps you haven’t thought much about this subject but I have. I’ve known fear, lived it, and now that I live love, wild horses couldn’t drag me back into fear. It took many years for me to transition to love. In saying that, this transformational journey is only for the brave of heart.

Fear paralyzes and strips those in fear of their personal power. This leaves vulnerability and confusion in its wake, opening doors for others to then control and to manipulate. When fear is present, critical thinking flies right out the window. How can clear thinking even occur within chaos? When in fear, the reaction is to let others tell you what, how, when and where.

There is a pandemic of fear happening right now. Being aware, I have come to learn how to avoid those areas or circumstances that instill fear in me. I’ll give a few examples to give you an idea or two. I do not watch horror movies. I am very careful of what I read. I do not watch the news. I engage in activities that bring joy to my heart. And when fear does rise to the surface I do not hide from that fear or push it back down. I stick with it until I resolve it.

" Fear is not of God. Fear is not of love. Fear is not of peace. "


  • twists the stomach causing GI problems

  • increases heart rate

  • vasoconstricts blood vessels

  • raises blood pressure

  • creates illness in the body

  • compromises the immune system

  • promotes severe anxiety

  • allows lower emotions to erupt such as anger, hatred

  • impairs judgment and decision making

  • impasses forward movement

  • creates exhaustion

  • produces muscle tension

  • disrupts sleep

  • creates agitation, irritability, worrying

  • feeds panic attacks and depression

  • annihilates joy, humor and contentment

          and others …

Anyone living in fear has a choice to come back to love trusting that your very creation allows you to think rationally and productively for yourself. To stop fear in its tracks, acknowledge it so that light can systematically kick fear out, making room for love to manifest. When this happens self-empowerment blooms and takes hold. This is the only way peace and serenity will be experienced, for fear eradicates peace. Love on the other hand, allows everyone who understands love to find the calm center of the storm and stay there.

However, the choice remains with you whether to live in love or in fear.



Once absolute love is felt, fear will not even be an option. It takes much courage to step into self-empowerment to eventually become master of your own life. Find the light within and go from there. I tell you true, Love is the answer to all plights and troubles.

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  1. Always love

  2. neelamsanjeevsaini04Feb. 23, 2021, 11:39 a.m.

    Love is great 😇