Let's say no to animal cruelty






Animal cruelty need to be stop !

In literal terms, abuse means to inflict someone with pain, harm or violence, especially regularly or frequently, therefore, animal cruelty is known as the malpractice of treating animals with cruel, violence, unethical and depraved behavior. Subjecting animals to an environment where they feel scared, unprotected and terrorized is called animal cruelty. People believe that they have a right on the lives of the animals and they can treat them in any way they want to. Everyday countless animals are being succumbed to inhumanity, torture and brutality. Animals are creatures who are capable of showing love and affection, taking care of their health and nutrition is the duty of every human. The cases of animal brutality are increasing day by day and the reason for these killings go unexplained. People kill and mutilate animals just for their personal satisfaction or fun . This need to be stop there are some arricles in the constitution which provide remedies against animal violence and one under one of these section can file case.

Article 48 It prohibits the practice of animal slaughtering and imposes a complete ban on the slaughtering of cows, calves, milch and draught cattle.

Article 48A talks about the protection of the environment and wildlife. It directs the state to protect and improve the condition of the environment, safeguard and preserve the forests and wildlife of the country.

Article 51A lays down the 11 fundamental duties that were added in the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment act, 1976.

Article 51A(g)

 specifies that it is the utmost duty of every citizen to protect and preserve the natural environment which includes the wild life, forests, lakes, rivers etc.

 It also lays that the citizens must have feelings of compassion and love towards the animals.

Animals too have feelings , they also get hurt.


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