Know These Safe Places to Hide Valuables






When it’s about hiding valuables in the house, then homeowners don't require a huge safe attached to the floor in the bedroom, rather they just need to stay alert a step ahead of the thought process of the thieves. No person assumes to get robbed but it absolutely doesn’t harm to stay adapted. Any house is a place that consists of a secret hiding place wherein thieves will never put a view at. A plated wall safe is like a secret door that gets installed into the wall in such a way that it stays unseen.

This different approach provides space for the precious stuff while covered on purpose, and in this way, the valuable assets stay hidden and safe. Moreover, hidden wall safes are particularly devised to fit into the walls of any house, where they’ll never be viewed by thieves with just the homeowners having knowledge about their exact location. Here are some secret wall safes that are best for keeping valuables hidden:

  1. Side mirror: A wall cranny is one of the design features that can be used to keep valuables safe. Homeowners and even thieves can never suspect the stuff that stays behind the stylish designer mirror that remains a secret compartment. As they’re fitted with some drawer sliding device, it needs a swipe to expose whatever is kept hidden.
  2. Air vents: It’s a known fact that homeowners apparently wouldn't store any stuff in their actual air vents as it could lead to hindered airflow. Alternatively, they can consider getting a false air vent installed that can easily store cash and different valuables. Also, if burglars ever enter the house, then they won’t even have a thought process on opening the vents.
  3. Hidden wall safe: One of the famous secret spaces is a hidden wall outlet safe that’s a non-functioning outlet with a hidden compartment made to store valuables behind the socket. It’s a proper space for hiding cash, jewelry, credit cards, and much similar stuff. As it gets showcased in a hinged design, a Hidden wall socket safe gets opened with just an easy twist of the key. Also, valuables like small documents, currency, and other personal materials can be hidden in it.
  4. Potted plants: Another way to stash some precious stuff is to bury it in a potted plant. Homeowners can store some cash in some airtight container and then bury it. For more immediate access and to keep the nails of fingers clean, a pine cone or a stone can be placed over it. Well, a normal thief is not going to dig around the houseplants.
  5. Curtain pockets: Nothing gets better than storing valuables in plain view. By simply stitching a pocket of a similar fabric with that of a curtain towards the back-end of thick dark curtains with a thread, homeowners can store some cash and stuff then and there. Also, any straight valuables or cash can be stored in the pocket.

To sum up, it gets very essential to hide the precious stuff as robbers can anytime invade and take possession of the valuables. Additionally, when the precious stuff stays in a Wall outlet safeit tends to provide mental peace.

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