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As human beings, we are more than just flesh and muscles; we are more than the vessel that is our body. In fact, in some cultures, our forms are regarded as mere conduits for our souls.

While that is not entirely factual, there is a bit of truth in it. Mostly when talking about health and wellness, society tends to focus on mostly just the physical aspect, albeit its significance; there is another relatively intangible element that shapes our identity and personality, which comprises feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

When studied in purely scientific terms, this can be a rather complex subject that seems to evade complete understanding so much so that there is not even a common consensus on its strict definition. Even so, the existence of a mental component has never been up for debate; we as humans have not only been always fully aware of its underlying presence but from ancient times developed ways to nurture and flourish it.


Emotions are, in simplest words, a set of neurophysiological responses or feelings to circumstances, moods, and relationships in and around a person that can have visibly physical effects. When allowed to flow freely without obstruction, they can be of little or no consequence.


However, this approach is not always practical or possible in a social environment. In order to make sure that our thoughts and feelings aren't unduly suppressed in meeting the social etiquettes and standards, one needs to be acutely aware and in touch with them. If not, it is far too common, especially in a world as busy as ours, for these indiscretions towards our souls to take a toll on our bodies.


If we are unable to preserve our mental peace and strength, we can hardly be counted on to progress with our lives in a competent and productive manner. The practice of emotional sustainability is nothing less than an art; once mastered, it yields much positive influence on the course of one's living. It is the instilling of a pattern in our brains that automatically leads us to experience, express, and label our feelings separately. It imparts us with the capacity to determine the 'cause' and 'effect' of our emotions.


People who have a sound grasp of this technique are able to compartmentalize their feelings and emotions in a manner that benefits them. Along with awarding one with a liberated and pragmatic line of thought, this method can introduce a tremendous shift in one's point of view of life. It can open one's mind to the subtleties and the frivolities of even the apparently mundane day-to-day life.


The transition of perspective can be instrumental in the natural evolution of beliefs, values, and forces that drive our motivations and reasons for behaving the way we do. An emotional support animal letter is a necessity for many; an ESA letter online will ensure that legally you can travel with it without additional costs.


Like most worthwhile things in life, acquiring emotional sustainability also takes time, patience, consistency, and lots of practice, but once you get the ropes, it is essentially life-changing because, at its very core, It will teach you to embrace yourself, flaws and all.


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