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Freelance Writing

You must've come across this word Freelancer, freelance or freelance writer. Do you know what it means? or what it is related to? Or how it can help you earn money? Don't worry you've come to the right place. You will know everything you need to know about it right here.


What is freelance? Who is a freelancer?

Freelance simply means self-employed. Working on your own terms. A person who is not fully employed by a company or an employer but works on certain assignments or projects on his own terms.

Freelance Writer:

Now from the above definition you must've got some idea about what freelance writing can be. If you are still confused, don't worry and read further.

A freelance writer is a writer who writes for companies or businesses. He/ she works on his own and is hired for a period of time. You can write for more than one employer at a time.


If you love to write and think you have those relevant skills then what are you waiting for? Start writing. Don't know how to or where to start?

To start writing it is not compulsory to be an expert in writing. All you need to have is love for writing. You will find it difficult in the beginning but once you know the techniques and skills it won't be that hard. Practice writing every day. Write something or the other so that you can get used to writing for a longer period of time and not get bored. Also, if you have practice your vocabulary will improve. Use the skills you already have to improve them.


Now, writing is a vast field. You can write about anything but you can't master everything. You need to choose a particular field in order to start. You need to know your interests so that you can write about it. For example, there are writers who write only about lifestyle or careers or travelogues, etc.

To choose one of these fields or niche you first need to know what you are interested in. You may be interested in more than one field. Make a list first about your interests. Make the list according to your preferences in order. Choose wisely and carefully. Once you have chosen a niche, research about it thoroughly. You can't write without knowing about the topic. Learn everything about it. Read about it from every possible source.

The next step is to identify your target client. A target client is the one who is looking for a freelancer or writer in the field you have chosen. For example, if you are interested in writing about Stock Market investments then you can look for a client who is an online broker or a person who needs you to write content about it only.


Now, this seems easy but let me tell you it is not. A client won't hire you easily without any experience or without knowing your worth. You need to prove your worth with the help of your skills. First, before starting to find any clients or before starting to work as a freelance writer you need to have some samples with you. You can start writing about your niche or any basic articles on platforms like Quora. It will help you if the client asks you to show samples. You can also start writing on other such platforms like You need to build your profile on such platforms to improve your skills and increase your experience. It will also give you more knowledge about your niche and help you decide your niche.

You can also start applying on various other job boards like or, etc. You won't get paid much in the beginning but you will surely get your hands on how to deal with clients, how to work as a freelancer, etc.


Let us understand the types of freelance writing:

Freelance blogging:

You can write blogs for companies and websites. You can earn a lot here. First, you have to establish yourself as a blogger and then you can work for more than one client.

As I have said before you need to show them that you are worth hiring so start writing about the topics you know beforehand and also try to improve your vocabulary.


Newspaper and Magazines:

You can write to Newspapers and Magazines or editorials. Writers need to write the whole story about an event. Nowadays people also work as proofreaders where they only have to check the articles. You can also write for newspapers as they have more reach than print newspapers.


Ghost Writing:

Sometimes writers find it difficult to write so they hire ghostwriters. Ghostwriters write for these writers without revealing their names or don't publish their names. Ghostwriters earn money instead. If you have good writing skills with God vocabulary you can earn a lot through this.


Content creation for social media:

Here the writer has to create the post copies for social media ads or create content to be posted on social media. They need to be very careful as one wrong decision, one wrong word or message can destroy the brand image or company image.


Instructional writer:

You can write content for educational purposes as well. Educational content includes writing for textbooks, online content or study material. Nowadays there are many online educators who are gaining popularity. Everything is provided online to the students, from online assignments to online study materials. You can write the content for these online educators and earn money.

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