Is one-sided Love Possible?






One-sided love is basically a feeling of loving someone who doesn’t feel the same for you. In short, one-sided love can be referred to as an infatuation or any kind of attraction but as well as this is true love too.

This feeling is for someone who does not reciprocate your feelings. A person who experiences one-sided love has this hope deep inside his/her heart that one day that someone special will love him/her back.
It is possible that the person you have fallen is not exactly your match, he/she may live in a different city or is too old or young for you to make a match with. He or she may have feelings for someone else, or may just not be ready for a relationship at now. One-sided love is even possible between the couples who are in a relationship as well, where one partner loves with 100% dedication and the other partner hardly cares.

The beloved might either consciously reject the one-sided lover or might not even have the slightest clue about the admirer’s romantic affection towards him/her.


Signs of One-Sided Love-

1.      The beloved seems absolutely perfect for you. You don’t see any mistake in your beloved even if he/she has. You always justify their mistakes and statements.

2.    One-sided love makes you feel drained because you commit everything to it and still you get nothing fruitful and satisfying in return.

3.    The priority of other relationships in your life diminishes and you give all importance to that someone special only

4.    You never get the priority that you deserve and you just keep living in your own fantasy world of imagination.

5.     You keep making excuses to meet the person you love because only seeing him/her makes your day happy.

6.    Even if your beloved shows signs that he/she is not interested in you, still, you keep on hoping that he/she will love you back one day.

7.     You probably keep stalking the social media profiles of the beloved and keep close track of all his/her moves and activities.

8.    You get depressed and unhappy very easily, especially if the person you love ignores you or fails to text or call you back.

9.    You keep on talking about him/her with your friends the whole day.

10.         You are the one who always initiates conversations with him/her


It is also obvious that one-sided love is hurtful because you keep on wasting your time and energy on someone who does not even bother to consider you or care for your feelings. But then it does not have to be all that bad. You can actually try to make the one-sided love work when you feel that it is worth it so let’s see.



1) Try to become a good friend to your beloved

Go with the things step to step do not skip anyone. Before you think about starting a relationship with someone, it is very important that you become his/her good friend or even best friend. So the first and foremost step is to become a good friend to your beloved and earn his/her trust.


2) Don’t become overly obsessed

It is very unhealthy and harmful for you and your love if you let one-sided love consume you completely. You should always make some clear boundaries. Let the person know about your feelings & emotions and make him/her realize your worth. Make your beloved believe that you are not over-obsessed with him/her but you like him/her genuinely.


3) Keep communicating with your beloved

You need to keep the conversation on because if you stopped talking then nothing can possible. To make your special one realize your value, you need to communicate with him/her on a regular basis. Do not become too desperate and give him/her personal space and time to respond. 


4) Untangle your feelings

First of all, you need to be sure about your feelings. Just get in touch with your inner self and try to know if you really want to make the one-sided love into a two-sided one. Most one-sided lovers regret pursuing their beloved because they realize later that their love is not true but that’s not a good thing.


5) Understand it is the situation that is bad, not you

Suppose, we fall for someone who does not feel the same about us, the first thing that we all do is to start finding mistakes in ourselves. That is completely wrong! Stop blaming yourself for not being good enough, and try to accept the fact that it is just the situation that is wrong not you.


6) Be there for the person you LOVE

In or out, every person wants one person to be there always for him/her as their support It is extremely important that you are there for your love, especially during their bad times. By supporting him/her through tough times and being by his/her side even during the good times, you will be able to make realize your value in his/her mind. Supportiveness is one characteristic that people usually look for in a potential partner. Remember a thing you alone can never make the one-sided love successful. The other person also has to make efforts to do the same.


7) Don’t TELL about your feelings again & again

You should not tell him or her about your feelings again and again if they don’t care. Just keep your feelings to yourself and enjoy your own life. If you’re thinking that after telling them about your feelings will worth then it’s absolutely wrong, it is totally unhealthy and it will make them irritated to you. So keep yourself and your area limited and wait for the right time.


8) Expect very LESS

This is the most important rule of one-sided love. Never expect much because in this case anything can happen and you must be ready to face the circumstances. Don’t take the burden of things on you. Just take things easy and go with the flow.


Thus, always believe in yourself whatever efforts you put in, and if it's really worth it give your best shot, I'm pretty sure you'll achieve whatever you aspire and NEVER GIVE UP.


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