Is It True That Laser Varicose Vein Treatment Permanently Remove the Problem?






The problem veins must be removed or destroyed in order to completely remove varicose veins. It is hard to say that they will not come back. The veins which are causing you problems will be gone now following removal or destruction. One way to destroy problem veins is Laser varicose vein treatment. In this procedure, the problem veins are exposed to laser energy then this laser heats the vein and causes it to collapse. This vein will seal off and closed completely. By the body’s natural processes it will eventually be absorbed.


Wearing compression stockings, losing weight, or exercising may relieve symptoms such as heaviness in the legs or pain and these are also the conservative methods of varicose vein treatment near me. These treatments do not get rid of them completely, however.


If they are not removed or destroyed through a procedure such as a laser treatment the problem veins will persist. Some insurance companies will first require patients to try some of these conservative vein treatment methods before they will cover the cost of the treatment, keep this in mind.



One common laser vein treatment near me is called endovenous laser ablation. The insertion of a laser fiber into the faulty vein is involved in this procedure. This fiber then releases laser energy. This laser heats the vein and then shuts it by collapsing the vein. To carry the blood this vein is no longer able.


The other veins in the area take over to carry the blood. The body will remove the fibroid varicose veins over time. This problem vein does not appear again but you have to watch out for the recurrence of the vein no matter what varicose vein treatment california you took.


To reduce the risk of recurrence, some vein specialists might recommend certain lifestyle changes. If you sit down for most of the day then it may include walking periodically. If you are on your feet for most of the day then you may be recommended to sit down periodically.


Some vein specialist near me may recommend a change in diet. Weight loss and exercise may be recommended. In the presence of varicose veins heredity may also play a role. If a family member of you has suffered or is suffering from varicose veins then you have to inform your vein doctor. In dealing with this venous condition prevention may be your best bet.


Laser treatments are less invasive that’s why they are more popular than traditional surgical procedures. Some laser procedures such as endovenous laser ablation may remove larger varicose veins. They may also be used to remove smaller spider veins. Before you receive treatment or undergo any procedure make sure you discuss this with vein doctor san diego.


Sometimes the laser treatment fails to seal a vein completely, however, veins can grow back even after they are cut away. This allows the blood flow to gradually return. This procedure does not guarantee a permanent fix for varicose veins.

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