Is Coping with Long distance Relationship easy???






Relationships among two people is something which is prepared by God is what I feel. Relationship is something which is built by trust or the state of being connected. It is a way they feel and behave with each other. It can also be called as a connection between two people who are involved romantically, emotionally & sexually. Love is feeling which is realised among two people when they are in a relationship. It is a deep bond that goes deeper than affection, attraction, lust or friendship. It is found in two people itself together, not separate. It is partnership which is played among the two, which they love to do.

Problem arises when distance separates the two. Being away from the loved ones is the toughest phase which a couple needs to go through. Regular relationships are sometimes hard to manage. Being in long-distance relationship is even harder. It requires a huge amount of open, straight-forward communication to properly work, and this can be often difficult to manage over phone. Lack of communication among two people can cause problems and tend to shift their priorities towards someone else. This one is way obvious if any one among the couple gets attracted to some other person. Unresolved fights can also cause major problems, when you see each other practically, often fights tend to get melt because seeing each other makes you in a mood of love. But being in distance makes it difficult to resolve. Infrequent meets makes it difficult. In the end, it all matters are the efforts you put in for each other.

To overcome these hardships of love in long distance relationships Best technology is never lose your best friend in the person whom you love and want you for the rest of your life. Always remember you have your best-friend first then your girlfriend/boyfriend in the same person whom you love. Always one should be committed to the relationship they are in. Do stuff together even though you’re apart from each other. Make fun plans and try to meet even if you’re miles away. Surprise her by sending gifts which she loves the most. Be confident in the relationship you’re in. Stick to schedule you have, try to spend time as much as possible when you’re free.

A man might distance himself if he simply is in love with you because he thinks that you are already in a relationship or you are already dating someone else or he might get some hints of the other person not liking him or not loving him the same way he does. The hardest part starts when you really start missing her and it becomes real difficult to survive when one starts missing. You should rather talk to her about the love which you feel, send pictures of togetherness, allow yourself to be melancholic. Make her feel special by writing a letter or poem for her which makes it a bit old school, but those are one of the things which are usually loved by girls. Also you yourself should realize that the separation will not last forever it’s just a matter of time which needs to be underwent by us.

Some men often have a mind-set of pulling themselves away when they realize they’re developing real feelings for a women. Even it makes you feel real good and it’s really very normal to make you want to latch on to it. And this usually happens without you even realizing it, but it changes your whole vibe. Also there are some men who actually never give up on the relation which they have, and just be together even though the other one doesn’t love you just because you really want that person in your life. They just hold the other person from one end because they really mean too much in their life and want them to hold their hands. This will make them happiest even though they experience some sadness but they believe in themselves and their love a lot.

Thus, being in a relationship is a great feeling as you experience love which is too amicable and you witness an experience of being in love and what are the challenges faced by couples is learned after being in a relationship. For couples I would only suggest is always trust your partners and always love them truly even though you are coping with long distance

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