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In theory, inversion therapy takes gravitational pressure off the nerve roots and disks in your spine and increases the space between vertebrae. Inversion therapy is one example of the many ways in which stretching the spine (spinal traction) has been used in an attempt to relieve back pain. Inversion therapy doesn't provide lasting relief from back pain, and it's not safe for everyone. Inversion therapy involves hanging upside down, and the head-down position could be risky for anyone with high blood pressure, heart disease or glaucoma.

Your heartbeat slows and your blood pressure increases when you remain inverted for more than a couple of minutes — and the pressure within your eyeballs jumps dramatically. For these reasons, you should not try inversion therapy if you have high blood pressure, heart disease or glaucoma.

Inversion Table Pros and Cons

The Pros

·         An inversion table soothes back pain. 

·         Inversion is an effective non-invasive treatment.

·         Athletes benefit too. 

·         Inversion can help to detoxify your body. 


The Cons

·         Traction can lead to pulled muscles.

·         Inversion can increase pressure in the eyes.

·         Hernias may be worsened.

·         In full inversion your ankles feel the strain

People who should avoid inversion include women who are pregnant, anyone who has recently undergone back surgery, people with high blood pressure and certain types of back injuries. Others who should avoid inversion, or at a minimum check with their healthcare provider first, include:

·         An ear infection

·         Surgically implanted supports

·         Unhealed fractures

·         Swollen joints

·         Osteoporosis

Some of the Top Inversion tables are as follows:

Best for Back Pain: Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table

The ITX9600 has a large, padded backrest and headrest for when you invert. The equipment boasts six different positional options, ideal for people of different heights and needs. The sturdy metal system includes ergonomic handholds, reversible ankle holding blocks and an adjustable headrest. The True Balance system makes it nearly effortless to invert and to do so safely—none of the dangers of a messy strap system. You have multiple foot security options with the ITX96000 and you can find your centre of gravity with ease due to the variety of customizable features.

The ITX9600 inversion table is just the thing to quickly and comfortably invert with ease. It can help you feel that relief from back pain by allowing the compression to stop.

Best for Neck Pain: Body Vision IT9550 Deluxe Inversion Table

Although commonly used for back pain, some use inversion tables to help with neck pain. By applying the same principle that gravity is a force that acts on your spine and helps compress your discs, using an inversion table can similarly help reduce pain in the neck and upper back. The Body Vision IT9550 Deluxe Inversion Table is a great option to specifically treat neck pain and generally see many of the advantages of a quality inversion table.

The table is made with memory foam material and a removable headrest that supports both the back and neck with an ergonomic design. It features an adjustable lumbar support pad to allow for added comfort and pain relief. The table has four different inversion settings: 20, 40, 60, and 90 degrees. The stable machine won’t move unless you want it to and the frame safety locking pin system is easy to use but won’t slip.

Best With Massage: Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Table

Many bodily aches and pains cannot be easily cured. Unlike a broken bone that heals itself with rest, an achy back or neck often takes a variety of imperfect approaches. Inversion is one such option, heat and massage are others. The Innova ITM4800 Inversion Table combines them all into one device that might just be the thing to deliver your relief.

With many of the functions of a standard inversion table, what sets the ITM4800 apart is the lumbar pad. This adjustable, rectangular pad both massages your back and applies heat to wherever you need it. The pad is attached to the foam and vinyl back pad for a convenient comfort.

In addition to the heated lumbar pad, the inversion table sports an adjustable headrest, leg extension, and the ergonomic ankle-holding system. The table has six inversion options with an easy-to-use pin system.

Most Secure: Exerpeutic Inversion Table with SURELOCK and AIRSOFT

Unlike most inversion tables, this SURELOCK and AIRSOFT table has extra security when you’re inverted. The SURELOCK ankle locking system uses two palm-activated adjustable ratchet-tooth locks to secure your feet in place before you go upside down. Additionally, the AIRSOFT locking system covered the original SURELOCK ratchet locks with air-tight padding to cover large portions of your leg and ankles for a firm grip. It’s more secure and more comfortable.

In addition to the extra security of this model, the inversion table also has a removable lumbar pillow, full loop handlebars, 165-degree inversion, and an adjustable rear crossbar with three inversion positions.

Best Yoga Swing: UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing

Some of the most popular alternatives are yoga swings. These more rope-like devices are better for small spaces, often less expensive, and may allow people to do more versatile workouts. The UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing is one of the best options on the market when it comes to popularity, price, quality, and satisfaction.

Unlike an inversion table, which looks like a standard piece of workout equipment, a yoga swing is more of a series of connected fabrics that hang from a structure and allow inverted activity. The UpCircleSeven swing can hold up to 550 pounds, is triple-stitched for security, and features handles for easier inversion.

Able to be hung from a beam in your home or a tree outside, this parachute material swing allows for a range of exercises in addition to standard inversion. This swing is available in black, blue, orange, pink, purple, and green and comes with a user guide. 

Best With Heat: Health Gear Advanced Technology Inversion Table

Some doctors believe that inversion therapy can help reduce muscle spasms in the back and reduce pressure on the nerves in the short term. Another proven method to help soothe back spasms is applying heat to the area. The Health Gear Advanced Technology Inversion Table combines these approaches for positive results.

This inversion table has a long heat pack running vertically along the backrest. Unlike some lumbar-only heating systems with inversion tables, this one will warm the entire back. The electric heating pad can also massage your back for added comfort. The rest of the backrest, which includes neck support, is made with memory foam.

This inversion table has a maximum weight for 300 pounds and a top height of 6-foot-5-inches. There are four inversion positions, an extra-long locking arm, and easy-to-use ankle locks. You can easily store this table, as it folds and has wheels. The heat may be the focus of this table, but it truly delivers all of the best features needed for inversion therapy. 

Thus, these were some of the Best inversion tables which are world-wide trending and on demand.

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